Whats up? Im back! :)

I’m starting to get sick. I’ve moved states but while I’m less ill than I used to be way back things are rough. I feel a lot better living out of state emotionally but I think the sz part of my sza is going bonkers. I’m starting to see things a little (nothing constant. Just a flash for maybe a few seconds).

Also, I’m out of my deplin and I have been for a few days. I don’t know when I will be able to get some next.

My boyfriend/fiance has moved in with me. He does most of the housework, laundry, cooking, ect. (most as in virtually all). I feel like such a free loader. I’m paying my part of the rent still and his job hasn’t paid him yet. He isn’t guilt tripping me but I just feel like a loser. All I do is work, sleep, and chill. I just need to move my butt and get it done.

It used to be that I would wait until my day off and then do everything from the past week but he does it right away.

Paranoia might be kicking in but I don’t know. I’m struggling to identify other people’s motives but I almost don’t want to until I need to. It’s just leading to paranoia on my part. I have a retail job and I’m almost breaking my brain trying to figure out the politics. My aunt has advised me to just treat it like a money source and not an opportunity for advancement. It would probably to take forever to get from my level to corporate. Forever as in longer than my life will last.

My dr doesn’t want to give me any more meds to make me get a dr here. I’m freaking out.


Hey. I hope you get new meds soon. It ducks to feel like you might be spiraling out of control. Welcome back!

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Having a local doctor is important.

And learning to live with someone takes time. You’ll find your groove soon and find a way to do your part. At least you’re already thinking about it and not just taking advantage.

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