What's up guys? I'm bored

How’s it going?

I’m so bored. It’s hot, maybe I have to turn the AC on. I will shower later, and make a meal.
I will make a rice, faux meat dish. I actually like it.

This friend of mine came over in the morning. I cannot stand her much anymore. She didn’t remove her shoes and I couldn’t ask her. I’m trying to cut her out of my life slowly. It will take time but it’s possible. I’m not very close to her anyway.

I like isolating myself and talking to my internet friends. Real life friends are kind of getting on my nerves.

I’m also in the perfect place in my life to start a family. It’s been going on for some time and I’m sick of my insecurities. Why can’t I just feel okay and content with my life? I have a great life! I already spend a lot of time alone. What more can a girl as for? I wish I was different!


Hey Selene! I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy and thinking of things to eat. I’m hungry!

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Do you like Grey’s anatomy?

I do! I’ve seen all the episodes so far except the two newest, and I’m gonna watch them next.
Do you like it? What shows do you watch?

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I really liked Stranger Things. But I don’t watch much. The cartoons really annoy me though. The Family Guy and stuff like that.

I might watch Grey’s Anatomy. How many series are there? Are all on Netflix?

I don’t know, I watch it downloaded.

Oooh I love Stranger Things :smiley:
I haven’t seen the last episode, but I really liked it.

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I don’t know if its just my general savage mood but I would have no issue with saying “Get your damn shoes off dick head” again, maybe it’s just me.

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Hey Selene what’s up???

Gotta say… you might regret cutting friends out of your life… they are very rare and precious to me…

What’s up anyways? anything new?

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Yeah, she’s a nut job and I cannot do catfights. I just hate arguing with women. But good idea.

Not all friends mate! She has a nasty personality. I don’t like a lot of people other than my scz friends on here.

Likes to compete and thinks she is superior. Just so many no’s for me.

Not much. I’m gonna make some chamomile tea for myself.
What about you?

I just had sushi from a place right next door to me… very convenient… :slight_smile: right now listening to music vibing w/e…

I’ve been cutting out my med the last few weeks… it’s super scary but I feel much better…

I promise it’s not going to end well. Does your doc know?

Yea I talked to him he advised me against it… but I told him I can’t continue with my current med so he’s going to look for an alternative… meanwhile I’m just not taking my injection… …

Well, I advise you stick to your meds and not ditch them, it’s really gonna spiral out of control very soon. Most of us went through it.

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Thanks for the advice… I’ll take it to mind…

Hi @mermaid1 I feel you on your friend. If she’s a total sewer then maybe cutting toxic folks like her out may be a good thing.

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Theres no arguement, get your ■■■■■■■ shoes off or GTFO #SIMPLEZ

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