Hello what r u up to?

I am doing nothing. Don’t have what to do

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I’m having a good time doing nothing. Nothing time is important.

Tomorrow I’m going to exchange some more stuff.
Yay. And showing my ni card to work people. I start work next month

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Hi, @anon48059102! I’m doing nothing at the moment. My son is really angry with me for making him clean part of the bathroom. He had trash and shampoo and body wash all over the floor, yet he thought he was done. He thinks because he works, he shouldn’t have to do stuff at home. Yeah, that’s not going to fly.

Otherwise, I’m waiting for him to finish up so I can re-inspect, then I’m off to do some cleaning myself! And I’m looking forward to a shower tonight. That will be nice (and long overdue). Right now, I’m just killing time.


i’m listening to grimes on my ghetto blaster :slight_smile:

couch potatoing

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Good. It seems you all having fun.

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Wow! Teenage boys can be major grumps!!!


Laying on the living room floor

Watching “House” with my daughter


Watching my Fiancée play video games, The outer worlds.

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I’m watching the Lions game with my husband. We’re behind on it though.

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Just finished watching His Dark Materials. It has been better than the books so far.

About 5’3”. No seriously I’m having an apple for a snack, then getting back to my crafts, I’m trying to make a bed blanket.

Nothing now, should be doing laundry. My sister wrapped my last few Christmas presents for me in exchange for me running to the grocery store which I was going anyway so it was a good deal. She’s much more creative at wrapping and actually enjoys it. So it was a win win.

Just finished some old movie about the Oregon trail in my lazy boy rocker eating a pint of ben n Jerry’s


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Now I’m watching Winnipeg blue bombers vs hamilton ticats in the Grey Cup.
Go bombers go!! :football:

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