What's this I'm superior to you attitude?

I’m a little dismayed. I’ve seen several of you express superiority over others. After having people put me down because of my schizophrenia, drinking, and sexual orientation, the last thing I want to do is put others down, and express superiority over them.

I don’t think anybody’s superior to anybody here. We’re all in the same boat.

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You’re talking about my post about normies

Don’t stress man. I delete it, it’s not something I value

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Well, they don’t like anyone being good at something

it makes them feel somewhat inferior

They got the hold over anyone doing anything better.

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Ok I’ll bite

You gotta be a little more specific

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Sorry, I don’t want to pick on anyone in particular. Seeing the replies so far, I’m kind of sorry I said anything.


Nobody is superior over me and I’m not superior over anyone else

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I don’t think that’s the same thing as hiding your pain though
I’m always a lot worse off than I present but I don’t tell anybody.


Yeah, i pretend i’m okay a lot more than i actually am. I don’t know why though.

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Hope this will clear up for you.
I do not know what posts you are speaking of as I may of missed that.

I also have people around irl that think they are superior to me and try bossing me about and I feel really upset about it and I do not think they are superior to me .
My bf friends and family have treated me a bit that way since I got here.
I’m not ok with it and I do not agree with them.

I am proud of my upbringing and my different values and opinions I have to them.
May I stand for it and not let them behave that way and may they improve themselves towards me.


I can’t tell if I’m superior to you until we establish who owns more electronics.



Me too :frowning:


I do not even think that braver people that are my heroes are superior to me.

N I’m probably quiet a coward .

But still…:slightly_smiling_face::metal:t5::sparkling_heart:

Having delusions of grandeur would one think oneself superior…
But so many non schizophrenic seem to see themselves as superior.


I think I was raised to admire ,respect and be polite but not to think others are superior to me.

I do not think I am superior to others.

Although there was moments when I was psychotic I had my moments …

I do not believe in obeying my parents either.
I adore my parents and respect them but not superior as such but listen and have difficulties when disagreeing.

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My riding instructor may be a better horse person than me but I still do not see her as superior to me.

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