What's the worst belief you've heard someone say about schizophrenia?

Or weirdest thing they have said about it


My social worker said: “You can’t do anything with schizophrenia.”

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I can’t jog on medication. I told my GP. She basically said I’m not trying hard enough.

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My personal worst belief, delusion was that I should kill myself. But fortunately the voices changed their mind halfway through the pack of sleeping pills. Lol.

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A woman i know was surprised I have it because she said “you don’t carve crosses or burn stuff”.

That was a real wtf moment for me.


They got me mixed up with Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” when I spent the night over their house.

They were really worried I would pee on their carpet, vomit split pea soup, curse in a scary voice and wreck their bed.

Just 1 out of 4 ain’t bad. That stain should come out in time for Thanksgiving.

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That people cause their own mental illnesses. I got blamed for my schizophrenia a lot even by my closest friends and parents.


The blame game what about those who inherit it from family?

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