Whats the best way to learn piano in the early stages?

So it looks like some of you guys play piano. I was just wondering if you’re not taking lessons to start, whats the best way to go about learning piano?

Should i learn easy songs? Work through a book? Or should i be adventurous and learn a more complex piece via ‘rote’(spelling?)?

Ive got a “complete” lesson book. Right now i just got to the part where it teaches you how to read notes/music.

But im also trying to learn khalid - young dumb and broke (very fitting song for me).

Should i focus on a specific learning style? Does it even matter?


Paging @SkinnyMe and @chordy !


i’ve been getting lessons from a professional to kick start my piano journey, it was great bc i lost confidence and the tutor helped me get it back, i’m starting with a classical adults beginner book and i got another book when i thought i needed it, the two books are ok for now, i recently was taught flats and sharps and i know where te notes are better now when i read them.

Can you afford a teacher to help guide you with the basics?

On UDEMY you get free pianolessons(musictheorie)
Like any instrument you have to play with it, or learn to play with it. Try playing easy tunes you know by heart. To learn something new you have to bother with it at least one hour a day, but 5 min. a day is better as one hour a week. Enjoy it!`

Im going to make room in the budget for maybe one session a week. Not sure how much it is, but i cant imagine it being too expensive. Probably going to start next month with that.


Try to hire a professional piano teacher for a half hour every week. It’s very worth it.


Most piano methods are oriented around reading notation and the long path to full technical ability on the instrument.

To play simple songs with basic chords and melodies you will still need to learn some basic music theory, especially relating to scales and chords and how/why they work.

There are some methods and instructional materials for learning to play “pop” piano, which sounds like what you are looking for. These methods orient around being able to play chords by their name rather than by the notation, and play basic melodies in the right hand by the notation or occasionally by “ear” using the intervals.

Some books I have seen are “How to Play from a Fake Book,” and “Chord Approach to Pop Piano Playing.” I can’t specifically recommend these books since I haven’t used them, but it should give you an idea of what type of method you are looking for.

“Fake” is a music format where the melody is a single line of notation and the chord names are written over the top where they change.

You should still start with the basics and learn to read basic notation, learn your scales and arpeggios, and understand how chords are built. From there you may find it fairly easy to start playing melodies and chords for songs you know.

How quickly you are able to play basic songs is only limited by how often you practice.

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Learn the mnemonics to learn how to read the notes. Get a beginner adult teach yourself piano book and work through it. Buy an easy beginning finger exercise book and start working on that too. The easiest way to do this, and to do it correctly is to get a teacher. When I used to teach piano I gave free lessons. You might find someone with low rates if they know you’re disabled.

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Lynda some classes. They have 30 days free. Libraries often offer Lynda free too. I’ve never been good at beats. I’m an intermediate player too. One song my teacher said was advanced. Taking the class since I’m a visual learner instead of being told what to do helped a lot for me. My piano teacher was kind of mean. She’d one minute say I have talent the next be negative. She was cheap. Choose wisely.

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You’re inspiring me. I’m so in love with the keyboard on most of the music I love, I gave learning piano about two weeks in 2015, then quit when I wasn’t making the progress I wanted, maybe bc the guy that was teaching me had me trying Handel in the second week. Anyway, learning an instrument is not easy, I send you patience and discipline! Hope you stick with it and have some success!


i found it hard to learn piano with my cognitive ability/ low functioning of brain now, i made very very slow progress in two years(comparable to a retarded person learning anything) and it made me so sad and moodless to learn the piano anymore, and i am not sticking to the meds strictly though, anyway i hope u enjoy the lessons and if u like playing piano and u find u can gain satisfication, please continue ; )

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