Whats outside your front window

whats outside your front window

The apartment complex courtyard.

My small yard… the apartment across the street… then the beach and Puget Sound.

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The world and the possibilities of tomorrow

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a primary school

My porch, beyond that another home.

Garages and an apartment building.

Dark, my front yard, the street and the front of another house.

My balcony with it’s little trees, half of a Juniper tree, balcony across from mine with a satellite dish and a row of plants in rather tacky pots. sound of wind chimes.

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Two concrete courts, with two small yards between them. Beyond that, two pre-fab buildings.

Woods and the driveway

The street corner with cars turning on it. College buildings across the street.



A cactus garden which is maintained by an 82 year old guy

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You have to let the pic upload :smile:

I’m experiencing trouble to upload pic. Will try again


Another town! My side of the street is one town, the other a totally different town.

I’ve got a great view

Make it interesting - post a photo here

At work, so Google Street View will have to do: