What's going on with me

Got back on meds about a month ago. All is as well as it’s been so far on them. Starting college in a few weeks!!! Waiting to see if I got approved for a house and my nerves are going nuts. I just want to call every hour to check but I’m waiting unpatiently for the call lol. 3 kids now. Step kids moved in about 6 months ago. Oh did I mention I’m only 24. Shiiiit life can be good.


That sounds really positive, good to hear! Fingers crossed you get approved for the house :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’re at a good place in your life now! :blush: 3 kids by 24 is a lot, but you sound like you have the right attitude.

Thank you :grinning: My attitude changes but today feeling positive

Update: I got the house!!!


Woohoo!! Congratulations, that’s great news :slight_smile: