What's for breakfast?

I am gonna make a bacon egg and cheese sandwich, or at least eggs and cheese, I might ■■■■ up the bacon. It’s a national holiday (labor day) and I had a bad night (been awake since 1:30am) so I get to break my diet which consists soley of oatmeal, milk, whey, pasta, seafood or chicken or pork or beef, protein bars, nope not today nope I dont give a ■■■■ today

what is your breakfast?

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meatballs… thats it

ive been awake since about 2. Been napping off and on since yesterday morning

dude I want a nap so bad

Like it would change my whole day

Sorry you’re having trouble with that…

You did just drink a coffee though.

Leftover Mcdonalds from 3 days ago…and possibly some soup with chicken from yesterday.

Been awake since 7pm…starting to grow fangs now.

that does not sound good


yeah that sounds like ■■■■, yo


Went to bed at 8pm last night and just woke up. It’s 3 am. Just had some leftover Chinese food from last night.

2 sandwiches with tzatziki, some bierschinken, salami and mortadella. i didnt use to eat this ‘unhealthy’ before my sz. now anything that taste good i cant resist.

Im jealous I am obsessed with asian food

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thats probably because of the meds

its still a mystery to me how so many people can take these meds and dont have cravings for food. arent you one of them? invega supposedly isnt one of the APs that is famous for weight gain. the chances for all patients is like 10-30%. it exists, but not a major factor compared to other meds.

my meds dont make me want to eat everything, in fact I dont like eating breakfast or lunch

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i havent ate breakfast in years, just 3or4 cups of coffee does me, and cigs

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I remember getting out of the psych ward for the first time and eating a whole box of Hooter’s buffalo chicken on Zyprexa. Had like 10 pieces in it.

Gained about 40 pounds in 2 months.
Those were the days…

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just ate some raw mushrooms and had a couple of red plums for dessert.

French toast, an orange and a glass of milk.

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For breakfast I had Shreaded wheat, tea and crusty brown roll

Idk lost my debit card and can’t get a new one at the bank today…so my moms gonna have to help me out.

:banana: my breakfast