What's for breakfast?

I had some “pot stickers”. I think they’re an oriental dish, but I call them pot stickers. I eat them for breakfast a lot. I enjoy them. I also had a glass of vegetable juice and a glass of apple juice. I also had a glass of 1% milk. I’m full and satisfied.

yeah you know what, I’m also gonna make a vegetable juice. the best idea :leaves:

Potato salad, coffee and orange juice

Very healthy. Delicious too.

I had a big bowl of cornflakes for breakfast as usual :blush:

8:30 a.m. here on the West coast… sun finally full up…
It’s a holiday… no traffic… this part of the cove is still asleep. No partiers on the beach… :relieved:

Breakfast is going to be tiny… yogurt and fruit… toast and coffee.

It’s the mid day meal that’s the biggie for this holiday…

Setting up the small grill on the beach… going to do the fire roasted potatoes… the grilled veggie skewers and some grilled salmon. Picked the salad greens and the veggies from the garden last night.


So it’s not just me? Ever since starting Geodon my grocery bill has been cut in half!


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