It's lunchtime

What you having
I am having turkey burger in breadcrumbs and oven chips

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5:26 AM here, shower then off to get my shot, will have hash browns and eggs when i get home

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7:29 am here. I just had 3 chocolate Entenmann’s Pop’ems donuts and 8 oz. of 2% milk. Not the healthiest breakfast, but it was good!

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I had orange peel and a banana for breakfast. I think I will have some leftover quiche for lunch.

I just had some chips and dip.
It was gooood :smiley:

I made fried rice for breakfast. For lunch, I’m feeling lazy, so I’ve just been eating almonds. They’re healthy, at least.

I just had my dinner, it’s 7:10 pm here I had warm peaches and oranges with yogurt

Was going to have chicken, but Mr LED is going to bring something home instead. So I have no idea what I’m having for lunch, but I’m sure it’ll be delicious because I’m super hungry.

It’s 7.31am Saturday here. I just had “breakfast” to take my geodon. I have a meal replacement shake - I can’t stomach food in the morning.

It’s National Pizza Day here in the U.S. Don’t forget all you Americans!

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