What's a residual symptom?

Yesterday or so I heard of something called residual symptoms but since I’m in a weird head state, I can’t really process all the information I’ve been given because of a lot of medical terms. Is it like a symptom that’s just ‘there’ and doesn’t really interfere with anything?

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I’ve spent 5 minutes trying to find out from google and I’m still none the wiser. The best I could find was the defintion of residual from a medical dictionary which was



Etymology: L, residuum, remainder

1 adj, pertaining to the part of something that remains after an activity that removes the bulk of the substance.

2 n, (in psychology), an aftereffect of an experience that influences latent behavior.

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Thank you, @everhopeful!!

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[A form of schizophrenia that is characterized by a previous diagnoses of schizophrenia, but no longer having any of the prominent psychotic symptoms. There are some remaining symptoms of the disorder however, such as eccentric behavior, emotional blunting, illogical thinking, or social withdrawal.]

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One of my diagnoses was at one point schizophrenia residual type in remission. You could probably google that.


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