What you want to have more?

You can see history every time you look in the sky. Some of the light reaching us is up to 10,000 years old. The light that can be seen with the naked eye, that is.


I would like to have more desire and drive.
Time and money mean nothing without the above.

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I wan goat.
I wan carrot.
I wan apple.
I wan hippo.

:goat: :carrot: :apple: :hippopotamus:


Same here mang. I have a friend that is not very smart but hes insanely driven and motivated. I am le jealous. If i had the drive id be killing it.


I want to maintain a more healthier lifestyle and have a regular job.


I guess money, but if I had more energy and motivation I could do it. Same thing with a clear head and more IQ or memory lol.

I would rather have more time than more money.

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I know. You pretty much stated it already in the heavy metal thread :metal:t4:

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If no goat is no good.

Always need goat

:goat: :100:

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More Time. Ive got it into my head im gonna snuff it at 70, so that means ive only got 20 years left lol.

I do have some right “wonderful” thoughts sometimes.

Nobody really knows and I certainly haven’t figured it out. I believe there are several forms of time travel (I’ve found at least 5-7 different ways). I guess we can sum it down to mental vs physical time travel.

I heard every quantum mechanical system splits (down to the electron being affected) in many world’s. So if consciousness is electrical or quantum, we experience immortality, don’t we? Or do we not? It’s supposed to be undetectable for everyone including schizophrenics.

I still believe in God or a higher power because of my beliefs and sim theory, but if a flickering light bulb that is broke can create a new universe, is there really any meaning to the world or life? It’s sad and pathethic thinking about it.

In a way, time = money and you can’t have one without the other
I put my work hours in, I get money
But if I could, I would choose more time than having hoards of money

I wanna be here for the long haul, but then again I wouldn’t mind living a short life with lots of money.

I think too much free time with no objective isnt good either because you end up flittering away that time. I’ve done it. Used to sleep up to 16hrs day when i wasnt working.
I got tired of that so now i sleep around 6-7 hours.
Took some getting used to but im not anymore tired i just have more time in the day.

I worked around 10 years roughly 6 months a year then i took 3 years off and did some study, play and too much sleeping.

itd be nice to have money without the time it takes to make money while working. like even easy part time stuff in my case ends up contributing to fatigue that never goes away so i barely have time to recover enough to feel like doing anything with the time