What would you do if you were a ghost?

saw a chair rocking one time with nobody in it. it was perfect weather in the neighborhood. I’ve heard some stories of people in my old neighborhood having ghosts, usually they thought it was a deceased family member visiting them.

not sure what i’ll do if I become a ghost, travel in the wind probably to all my favorite haunts.


If I could leave Earth, I’d visit other star systems

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that’s a good one, I’ve thought about travel through the heavens as well.

I’ve thought about doing OBE (out of body experience), but feel kind of scared about it. Some people have claimed to have traveled long distances on Earth.

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I’d have the time of my life as a ghost. I used to read a lot of ghost stories and they were fascinating to me. Then, G-d told me that those books were evil and He wanted me to stop reading them. So, I did.

Maybe I am a ghost. Explains why nobody talks to me.

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Float around and see cool stuff

Probably fly to another country for sightseeing, hopefully ghost-flight isn’t slow… seems like it would be more floating than flying.

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Kick Casper’s ass and then go haunt Pamela Anderson in the shower.


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