Do you think that there are some ghosts around the earth?

When I was young, my parents and grandparents told me that there are no ghosts (Satan) or angels (God). As I grow up, I read some book that says there can be some ghosts or angels or there could be some souls or spirits.

What about your opinions on this type of issues? Thank you.

I have no hallucinations before but I did have some delusional thoughts when I was off medications.

No, I don’t think so.

who knows, I have had some experiences with the paranormal.

In my old house, I saw an old man walk through a wall twice. I asked the neighbour, Bruce to describe this man who had passed away recently, what he looked like.

Bruce said he was a tall man, who walked with a limp and had hunched shoulders. I can’t remember the condition, but I do recall he worked at the GE

He described what I had seen to a tee. I never told Bruce why I was asking, and he never thought to ask me I suppose.

Another time I was bringing in the groceries, and noticed that some flowers had blown off the deck railing. I took the groceries inside, came out and the flowers were sitting back on the railing. It was pitch-black, someone would have had to come into the backyard, find the plant and put them back on the railing, within 3 minutes.

He was like Casper the Friendly Ghost. Always looking out for me

Believe it… Or not. Boo!!

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I’m spiritual, and I believe a ghost is simply a spirit/soul/mind/psyche that is not incarnated/incorporated in a material body – a “free” spirit in other words. I think that happens to all of us when our body “dies”, and we can then remain a ghost indefinitely or reincarnate.


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I’ve experienced alot in life but I’ve never come across a ghost. Now in middle age I tend to believe like your parents, that there are no ghosts. Only our imagination!

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I don’t know if I believe in them or not. I was going to say no.

No. I think there are delusional people around the earth.

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when i was a kid i saw ghosts… i dunno if it had to do with the MI but it stopped later in my life…

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Sorry but we have members whose delusions are triggered by ghost talk.

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