What would the outcome be if I become uncooperative with the depot?

I’ve been injected against my will now for 8 years. They tricked me into having the depot and now won’t take me off it.

I’m getting sick of taking it, this even thinking about it makes me angry. I think I’m now at a stage where I think I’ll be able to manage without it or at least try.

I’m on a community treatment order so am court ordered too have it. If I refuse the police will take me to hospital and the hospital will forcibly inject me. Thats fine with me. I’ll continue being uncooperative and the police will have to take me to hospital the following month and so on. I know the police told my care team when I refused it twice before that they can’t contuse taking me to the hospital.

If this happens again what can the pdoc do apart from review the depot and put me on oral meds. I don’t intend to be symptomatic during this period so they can’t detain me.

There’s your answer.


The problem is you become a danger to yourself when you’re even on a lower dise. Never mind off meds.

But they can’t continue doing that month in month out. So if I ride it through the pdoc will have to come to a new solution

@everhopeful I think I can mange it this time.

Why exactly can’t they? I see no reason whatsoever why they couldn’t do it every month.

You have a good life. I don’t understand why you would want to wreck it.

@everhopeful I’m over 317ib, I’m sleeping 16 hours a day. little motivation to do anything. I can’t sexually function properly, very rarely get horny and I used to have a high sex drive.

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Better than being dead, which is what could happen off meds.

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The police have little resources. The hospital is a 20 mile trip both ways. The police was peed off with my support team because they had to fetch me twice.

Have you thought of asking for Geodon? It weakens your body and dampens your sex drive, but it doesn’t cloud your mind. You can be mentally sharp on Geodon. Also, it doesn’t make you feel bad. I’m on Geodon and Seroquel, and my life isn’t bad.

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I just want to be off meds. I need more motivation. I feel depressed at my life which I know my life is good.

I just feel angry with having to take this injection.

Consider Geodon as an option, or maybe Geodon and Seroquel.

I don’t think my pdoc will switch my meds as according to him I’ve been stable on Invega for 18 months with the increase from 100mg to 150mg

It can’t hurt to ask. I’ve been stable on Geodon and Seroquel for eight years.

Meds make us fat and lazy. Turns us off to emotion, truth, human connection. Make us not give a ■■■■.

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I think you lack awareness as to why you need meds. You’re in denial. I hope you keep getting the injection because it does help you. Maybe ask about other meds that you can have more energy on. But once you get an answer from s professional, you need to trust that

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How do you like being tied down to a bed and having to use a diaper to go to the bathroom? Because that’s where you’ll be headed.


I think if you are on a cto they can section you even if you are not immediately a danger to yourself or others. They don’t require you to be currently acutely ill. That’s my understanding of it anyway

They will prob raise your dose lol. You might not like that