What will u do if theres no disability benefits or money in ur country

Hi guys what will be ur action to that…i dont have disability money …i am used to it…


I should search for a job, an easy job if I had no money, idk doing anything to survive I guess… :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

I would rely on my sister I guess… she would help me I think in order not to die. I know its no good but for me its impossible to work now…

I suspect I would be a homless street beggar and have to survive with all the other street beggars which would be very hard. That’s if I’m not killed for being a witch or something. Thats what I like about my country, it’s pretty secular and you won’t be killed if your religious views are against the norm. I think with my psychosis if I was in a 3rd world country I would be killed for voicing my delusions like saying I’m the prophet muhammad or something.


If I had no money I’d try my best to fake being sane and take all the meds I could to pull it off. If that didn’t work I’d go live with family and mooch as much as I could :stuck_out_tongue:

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There is no question that I would have to get off my med’s if we had no benefits. The med’s ruin my ability to endure the weather, and the only kind of work I could do would be outside digging ditches. I can’t make it in fast food jobs. I get fired from those jobs pretty quickly for being too slow. I have eaten out of garbage dumpsters before. It’s a lot safer to do that in cold weather than in hot. I would probably survive living hand to mouth.

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I would go off meds and go through a lot of jobs, I would probably live in a town that has a Mcdonalds and just eat off the dollar menu and die young of heart disease if the psychotic episode didn’t put me in harms way first.