What was your most positive experience during a hospital stay?

For my first break I was admitted and very delusional. There was a nurse who helped me put on my bed sheets because I couldn’t do it. She looked a lot like my father in a girl way. She had a yellow sweater on and an accent. I thought she was my fathers sister and was coming to see me. Years later I found out my father intended to let his sister raise me. I never told anyone this.

Oh, let me check…


I made out with some girl. Yeah, I get lucky every once in a blue moon. And at that same hospital I beat some guy in ping-pong who thought he was really good. I organized a touch football game on the back lawn.That was fun.
Probably my best memory is when a 19 year old male nurse took me out to eat. He just invited me one day so I said sure. I didn’t know at the time why he invited me but on the way back to the hospital he told me that once a year, every nurse in the hospital took their favorite patient out to dinner.

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I suppose some of the patients I met. But in general it wasn’t a positive experience. Most of the staff were nice but it only takes a few who aren’t to turn it into a negative experience.

I never had a positive experience during a hospital stay…

Wow I’ve never heard of staff doing that! That must have been neat.

Yeah, it was cool, it made me feel good.

I liked my room mate - he was very tall and muscular - built like a body builder - but the nicest guy who found himself in a jam.
He was not mentally ill, but a drug (crack) addict - there was no room in reahab, so he slept with us crazies :wink:

He was intimidating, but I found him to be a very sensitive soul - He was like 7 feet tall, not exaggerating.
Overall it was a good experience - I stayed out of trouble and kept my nose clean, so I got out on time

Being discharged.


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For me being discharged too.

Well my latest one was terrible with 2 out of control patients acting up and getting all the attention while the rest were ignored.

One young guy patient started talking to her like a human and she calmed down. I hate when they take people down and shoot them up, it just makes people worse.

Now the good. My second to last hospitalization I really lost my mind. But I slowly got it back. So I realized no matter how bad it gets, I can bounce back within a month.

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I don’t know if it was positive… but it sure did turn my head around…

I was being obnoxious and making a mess on purpose (basically having a temper tantrum) and this tiny Jamaican nurse wasn’t having it… she told me I had to clean up the mess I made.

I remember sort of raising my voice that there was no way I could do that… I was special… didn’t she realize I was schizophrenic?

She looked pretty fierce when she said… “Your not the only one with schizophrenia and your not special… your just like everyone else…”

Something about being told I was just like everyone else… that’s never really happened before. I still had to clean up the mess I made… I had help.

But somehow being just like everyone else for a moment really stuck with me.

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Thinking that I didn’t belong there.

I agree, being normal would be awesome.


I don’t have any positive experiences

I was never in a hospital, instead a crisis assessment center, where I lied about not being crazy and was released at 8am after a night of not sleeping.

I agree with being discharged was the best feeling. But my NFL team won their first and only Super bowl when I was in the hospital. And then another time they said I could leave to take my wife to dinner on our anniversary. They ended up not letting me do that that day and I was pretty upset but they let me do it three days later. I got to leave at 7pm and had to be back by 10pm. I would say other than being discharged those were the highlights.

I so admire people with mental illnesses who get married. That’s sweet.

Talking with the social worker.

When I was in Stanford psyche ward they kept a 5 gallon carton of ice cream in the freezer which we could have as much of as we want at any time.

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