What was your most positive experience during a hospital stay?

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When I was admitted to the psych ward on the day my son died, that night, late at night, I found an old piano on the ward in the lounge area. God gave me a tune in my head, so, I proceeded to pound this tune out on the piano, softly, so as not to awaken anybody. As I played, I wrote the song out on manuscript paper. When I finished, the nurses on the ward complemented me on what a pretty piece it was. I told them that it was for my son. I named it: “My Boy Is Gone”.

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Wow what a beautiful story. That’s tragic that you lost your son. There is probably no words for the pain you must feel. May you be reunited when its your time

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Thank you, so much. This is what I hope and pray for every day.

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Discharge day, lol

Dinner time…

Weekend passes to spend the weekends with my parents.

Yes! The ultimate comfort food. They do that on purpose so you get better faster :slight_smile:

When I first got approved for SSI in the hospital they used to give me twenty dollars a month to spend. They would dole out everybodys money on a weekly basis. I used to go across the street to K-Mart and buy these big hunks of chocolate for four bucks.Yum.
Then the hospital converted a room into a snack bar so when I got my $5.00 each week I would usually buy a Three Musketeers bar, a coke and some other candy bar. I looked forward to that.
They also took us on outings. Once they took four or five of us to a semi-pro baseball game with our local San Jose Bees. I remember it well (this was 1982) because there was a heckler sitting in the stands behind home plate. He was a loud, obnoxious, rude bigmouth. I’ve been to several games before but I had never seen this before.He had a scorecard of the opposing team and he was yelling every bodies name. He called them bums and losers, he told them they were no good, or lazy etc. It amazed me that someone would do something like that.

I like to walk to the mini mart and buy reeses peanut butter cups. Sometimes it motivation to go for a walk. Wanna be down a couple sizes be August so cutting a lot of meat out of my diet. But I don’t know if I could give up chocolate.

Not really from the staff but from the patients. There was Vietnamese eldery women who was like a grandmother to me. I was so stiff and uncomfortable due to being overmedicated that she took and messaged my hands so i could rest that night. She helped me relax when i had anxiety attack.

Some diets recommend lots of meat to lose weight. Or just to clarify, they recommend lots of protein which includes dairy products.

That was so nice of her. Meds can be difficult if not adjusted correctly. Takes time to get them right. That was my experience as well. So many nice caring people. I love hospitals for that.

There’s always sugar-free chocolate but if you eat too much of it, it wrecks havoc in your intestines.

Definitely eat a lot of dairy. Couldn’t do it without it. :slight_smile:

I should clarify that too. My diet recommends FAT-FREE dairy products but very little cheese.

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