What was there before the big bang

How can something come from nothing? What was there before the big bang? A million years before, a billion years before? Time is an illusion in my opinion.


Science escapes the human mind.

dinosaurs i guess

I think science doesn’t know yet so its explained with religion?

maybe there was foreplay :sweat_smile:


Time isn’t an illusion, it’s related to gravitational forces. Time stands still at the center of a black hole and passes at a different rate on the rim as it does for those who are light years away.

I remember Stephen Hawking saying that if you got in a spaceship and spent 10 years skirting the edge of a black hole, then you came back to earth, you would find that for those 10 years you aged at a different rate than those on earth. Don’t remember whether it’s faster or slower though.

Carbon dating is a great tool, tells us how old the Earth is. There was probably nothing before the big bang and according to Neil Degrasse Tyson, the expansion of everything in the universe continues and will ultimately result in all matter being torn apart billions of years in the future.


All I know is that Zaphod Beeblebrox is, “the Best Bang since the Big One.”


I think the idea is that it is cyclic, it happens over and over. The matter disorganises and organises according to chemistry and physics and accordingly everything else follows?


How about the egg came first :neutral_face:

Big bang is just a desperate theory to try and understand something that is out of our minds reach. Remember s few hundred years ago scientists were convinced the earth was flat.

Everything was massed in a big block? Nobody can still answer where this something came from or why and if the universe is endless. People can take educated guesses, but there is no way to prove anything.

Makes sense with my past life delusions measured in millions, billions, trillions or more. I’m always schizophrenic. Feels like a causal loop or maybe a time loop if I had no trauma…

Feels like a sim too and turtles all the way down but don’t know how it all works scientifically. I looked into conformal cyclic cosmology and big bounce theory. Basically, I think it’s possible the sim reboots itself by a previous bounce, big bang, or even a black hole, and it never ■■■■■■■ ends…

the problem with space is that there is a lot of it

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I was thinking about how inflation theory is wrong and we live in a rotating godel universe hence the causal loops…I don’t know. I’m just a layman commoner.

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what hawking was apparently workin on before he died that it was more of a big bounce rather than a big bang, time is relative and you have to coneptualize additional dimensions first to satisfy your inquiry. elegent universe by brian green is a fun place to start


@agent101g we must watch the same documentaries LOL

I’m fascinated by Einsteins description of space – time and how large bodies like planets and stars causes gravity wells. Sounds bizarre to my Newtonian brain, but it does seem to hold true in applied physics

Before that I struggled with the idea if time maybe even existed. My conception of time was basically, distance divided by speed and timewas really just incidental.

Sooo… what came before the Big Bang? Excellent question, I’ve never heard it asked before. I think there are multiple universes, just as there are multiple galaxies within our universe. Everything that exists in our universe, including Suns and planets and everything in between was all contained within a single point. It’s Mass had to be incredible.

I picture it kind of like breathing. There is a huge expansion, a huge collapse and then recycling and it all starts again


@Cragger i like your perspective on that topic. you circumscribed a vector well, or time, whatever you want to call it

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Tbh, I think it’s a case of interdimensional movement of matter. I believe reality is layered, and that there are different layers of reality in which things can move between, if they have the capacity to access it. Perhaps this matter exploded upon breaching the the layer in which we exist, much like things can combust upon entering the atmosphere of Earth. I believe black holes may be key here.

But this is my wild personal theory.

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@gcar yes exactly. Picture dropping three pebbles in the water a few feet apart. Each Ripple begins as its own concentric Circle, nearly perfect but then the ripples collide with the ripples from the other Pebbles. Kind of my conception of a Multiverse.

At this particular moment in time, our particular universe is still perfectly concentric. It has not collided with other universes yet

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@ZombiePupper I like your vision of it. It reminds me more of string theory than general relativity if that makes any sense.


That’s called the point X theory, I learned it back in college before scientists had agreed that the universe was expanding at an accelerated rate. The old theory states that as stars die and become black holes eventually all matter will collapse into the point where the Big Bang originated, known as point X, whereupon another Big Bang could repeat the process in an endless cycle. It’s not really a popular theory any more, now people mostly agree the universe will expand until everything is ripped apart on a subatomic level.

The parallel universe theory is still popular though, neil degrasse Tyson subscribes to it at least.

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