What vice do you use, if so?

what does help you along as in a crutch in life…?



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I don’t use my favorite vice anymore

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Probably cigarettes

Dabbled in many. My vape is all that’s left.

Cigarettes, too much coffee, and isolation lel

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Ciggies and coffee…and the occasional cold beer.

Tobacco and coffee for this here cowboy

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I vape nicotine. 15

Bench vice.


Very handy.


mine is smoking

My different vapes and my posh coffees. I have a penchant for jelly beans too lol, so i usually got a bowl of them by this keyboard.

cigarettes, monster and tea

Cigarettes 1515

Definitely energy drinks, I drink way too many of them


Cigarettes and coffee, and the occasional Big Tasty

Caffeine, pretty much.

Nicotine and caffeine

Coffee and food

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smokes and coffee and fuds =D

Coffee and booze. Gets me through many a day.