What to do when you can't remember your true self

I’ve been trying to adopt some new social skills but I keep forgetting who I am to imply these skills into my life. So if I go on and keep learning new stuffs I’m afraid I might turn into these things I see instead of the lesson intended.


Maybe it would help to identify your values and remind yourself of them when you’re confused about your identity.

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I guess ive noticed that you got lots of cool things to share brah.

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I can’t really remember my old self… I had to learn who I am today… I’m not sure if I’m anything like who I use to be because a lot of my memories are blocked… Good and bad… I know that sounds weird but it happened… Don’t worry about what others might think until you know yourself

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I cannot remember my old self too. I guess I used to be a narcissist or something, but I did a true 180. A lot of dissociation like DP/DR and sensory issues messed me up more than schizophrenia. I also lost a lot of abilities to think and to do work. I prided myself on my brain and I lost that. I had nothing else going for me.

@anon28145038 I guess I use to be a social butterfly now I’m not… I remember a bit… Not much though… My mother says it makes her very sad and that depresses me but when she don’t I’m okay… I uae to be able to work then I had 11 jobs in 2 years… And so went and got disability

People change. Maybe try to get to know yourself as you are now and don’t worry about who you used to be.

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Sz didn’t change my personality but it crippled it. Abilify did make my personality worse though, it made me impulsive.

Maybe my true self is not static but mutable, constantly being altered by the amalgamation of my life experiences and my interpretation of such experiences. :thinking:

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somtimes i think i know but somtimes i think i cont care because.i was always sick.


I Question The Thought Of ‘True Self’, Before I Take Any Further Steps.

What Is Someone’s True Self?.

What Is My True Self?.

I Like To Be Comfortable. I Like To Listen To & Create Music. I Love To Laugh. I Care About Nature. I Get Bored Quickly. I Like To Spiritually Grow. I Want To Daydream In Pure Clarity. Perhaps Read More Psychological And Spiritual Books. Wait…, Now I’m Starting To Name Things I Want To Do.

I Get Sidetracked Easily.

My True Self Always Tries To Discover Truth, Live In Truth, And Never Forget Where I’ve Come From. Unless!, Someone Is Trying To Use That Against Me. Then I Will Agree And Say, ‘You Might Be Right, My Family Is Terrible’.

Then Again, It Began My Philosophy On Humility.

Unless I Am Provoked, And I Turn Into A Vicious Metaphorically Evil Poisonous Snake.

That Has Been Told By The Park Rangers Not To Bite Anyone Or I’ll Be Forced To Live In A Spaceship That Orbits The Moon For The Rest Of My Snake Life.

And What Good Is That For A Snake?.

NOTHING!, That’s What!.

Okokok, I Also Don’t Know When To Quit.

True Self Therapy 101. . . . . . .


If I’m in a conversation and I start to lose my real self I just switch to temporarily acting like Tony Montana in “Scarface” until I feel like myself again. It works every time until it jolts me into feeling like my self again. Say hello to my little friend.

I remember when I was with the voices I got into a big idea that I need to keep my values well-known because I had responsibilities that couldn’t be met without the thought of commuting with these values. This was what helped me deal with the problem of sz
aswell as to mention that if i were to change one I would need a big amount of mental energy.

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