What to do when upset?

Hit me with All your tips

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Have a cuppa and pet a kitty.

Go for a walk outside and smell a flower.

Indulge yourself in a hobby you enjoy.

Visit with a friend (if you can safely - COVID).

Do a workout if you like exercising.

Read a book or watch a show to distract yourself.

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Things around me have their places. When I can’t find something, I can get upset. In that case, I start putting things back where they belong.

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listen to some of your old favorite songs. The ones that make you feel really energized and invigorated. Either that or the ones that make you feel sad and have yourself a good cry to get it all out of your system.

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I believe very highly in chocolate. :slight_smile:


Hot chocolate. Fifteen.


Music kind of make me hyper.

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Pets are supposed to help with anxiety. I don’t have it in me to properly care for a pet, but I access the pets of family and friends.


I dont take the time to read.

Study something
Drink coffee
Eat a treat


I get angry with other people and usually end up making myself feel so rotten I go to bed if I can


I agree with @Joker I think the best thing is to just go to bed

Defo sleep loads. Go for a walk. Breathing exercises. Writing about your issues and whats bothering you. Play an instrument (if you can).

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Some things I do to calm down are:

Put an ice pack on the back of your head. This will cool down your brain and reduce activity in your limbic system, where emotions happen.

Do a task with simple, clear steps. I like baking. I follow the recipe, and it’s easy enough that I don’t get frustrated, but it requires enough concentration that I don’t have room to think about other things. Cleaning also helps.

Engage your five senses. This will remind you what is real and what isn’t. Listen to soothing music. Smell something pleasant, like an essential oil. Suck on a hard candy. Look at pictures of things you enjoy. Feel something with an interesting texture, like a piece of Velcro or a stress ball.

Try to levitate something with your mind. You obviously won’t succeed, but it gets you to focus all of your attention on a single point outside your body, instead of on your thoughts. I like to use this on airplanes or in public places, because it doesn’t require you to move at all. It looks like you’re just daydreaming to observers.

Listen to a guided meditation recording


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