What time do you go to sleep

I take pills 9 pm and wait few hours to work then I start sleeping

I havnt slept in 2 days :confused:

Tonight im going to sleep like a baby !!!

A few benzos are needed !!

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You better sleep


Im actually hyper…

Very weird

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Becouse you don’t take meds

I go to bed around 9 PM but I also nap a lot

I go to bed between 7 and 8 and go to sleep sometime between 9 and 1

I once got whacked with 1200 mg of seroquel and I fell asleep at 4 in the afternoon and woke up at 8 pm the next day fml

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I am angry… why do you post?

I dunno what u mean ?

But i probably post cause its a forum, and thats what you meant to do, aint it?


I go to bed around 8. :boar::boar::boar:

I go to sleep at 9 pm.

I go to bed around 10 usually

I go to bed around 6pm after dinner. Will read and listen to the radio then go to sleep. I get up early so it works well for me!

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I take meds around 10:30 and go to sleep between 11 and 11:30

I take my meds at 10 and usually fall asleep around midnight.

28 hours of sleep? I don’t believe you…

PRomise you. I pissed my bed and everything

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Hahahaha. I shouldn’t laugh sorry…

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