What the voices I hear say!

- I’ll delete it
- Delete it 
- Then I’ll delete it 
- That’s not me 
- That dream one 
- His name is Tom 
- That’s my first friend 
- How do you know
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mine are trying to be real people in this place. the spittin’ image. lol

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Mine tell me that they love me.

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That is nice, mine say they hate me and love me. My sound like fake people trying to sound like real people.

Mine act like they are talking to ghost and then say I made a deal with the devil!

Try talking to the highest power, ask them to connect you, be humble.

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Do you ever dream with the voices you hear?

I dream about my voices all the time

Mine tend to be CIA and they persecute me a lot.

Mine tell me they are illuminati and are going to tourture me for ever and going to make the rest of the world gods

I don’t hear voices. But I BELIVE I’m being stalked.

I belive that my thoughts are telling me that the people around me are gang stalkers and that they are communicating with me telepathically (hand gestures,words,expressions).

I’m also part of a survelliance watch list
My family believes I can be one of them
Everybody wants me to be gangster

They tell me that my family drugs me. That,the drugs helps you be gangster and become telepathic. (Even though the “drug” holds me from my free will

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