What the fu-ck is going on, Sheri

Impersonation. Hacking, or a fu-ck-er on the site!

Don’t let these people get away with this!

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@moonbeam just MOVED your posts from the one thread to a new one. That is all.

I didn’t post that!!

Yes, you did.

Those were YOUR posts, just moved to a new thread.

you’re wrong!!! I did not.

Yes, you did. Those were your posts from the other thread. Also other users responded to your posts on that other thread. I moved all of the off-topic posts (your posts and other users posts) off of the other thread to the new thread.

ridiculous, it should not have been used in a new thread. Who did that?

@daze i can look at your account and tell you only your IP shows up. No one else has been in your account.

You just don’t seem to understand that posts can be moved.

We can move posts from one thread to another.

Hey @Daze maybe you should call it a night. I’m not saying your wrong, but you are getting very upset. And then tomorrow morning you can think about what you want to say. Hugs.

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That’s a good idea. Go get some rest and come back with a clear head.

hope you feel better soon daze

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who would call out a comment I made, and make it mine? ridiculous!

the people on this site should know better, and the mods should too.

You made the comments to @Fatmama. Moonbeam just moved them to your own thread. That is all.

hello? it was acting like it was my comment on a new thread. Who the hell did that?

I’m sorry that this has upset you @Daze. In hindsight, I should have just deleted your off-stop posts from the other thread. I was concerned that if your posts just disappeared, you’d get upset. That’s why I moved your off-topics posts to the new thread.

I’m going to just delete that new thread since it was locked.

I have told you repeatedly who did it.

It was YOUR comment. It was just MOVED from Fatmamas thread to one just for you.

my comment was pretending to be a new thread from me! I did nothing of the kind!

Who the hell did this???

Oh my god. I have explained it over and over.

Those were your posts and Moonbeam made a new thread for you.