What the fu-ck is going on, Sheri

That’s true. As I said, I created the new thread by moving your posts from the Fatmama thread to a new thread. Also, I had to create a title for that new thread. I can see your concern – that folks reading that new thread might think that you created the thread. I’ve deleted that new thread so it’s no longer visible on the forum.

No, @daze. They were comments you made to another member earlier today. You just got your own thread, so you can talk if you want. Like post some pictures of your puppy. I haven’t seen her in a while! That was a nice photo of yourself earlier today.

What??? you gotta be fu-ck-ing kidding me.

I really don’t think this was protocol.

@Daze I really think you need at least a nap or something to clear your head maybe you’ll feel better after that

Stop with the cursing.

It’s protocol when someone derails another member’s thread to move the posts or delete them.

I not really a genius, but I do have some original ideas.

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I’m going to lock this thread before the discussion gets out of hand.

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