What subject do you know most about?

what subject do you know most about?

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When it comes to knowledge I am a mediocre jack-of-all-trades; master of none. I used to read A LOT. I know a lot about old Hollywood movie stars and films. I know a lot about present day entertainment news. I know about dieting. I know about cooking. I don’t know a LOT about those things-but enough.


That vast subject of Nothing!

Seems I’m never alone in this.


In seriousness, probably sports. Next up music. I do like astrology, yoga, buddhism, taoism, spirituality, religions, a lot too. But I admit I am somewhat of a novice in all of these.

I guess my subject would be what I learned in college from Architecture, second up, music. third, art.

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Design principles and software development. I know a few things about science in general.

take care :alien:


i like to watch the news because i like to keep on top of what is currently going on and most of the time it’s current news, as in todays news.

from watching the news throughout the years i found there is always pockets of wars going on in various countries, sad as it seems.

the other thing i have knowledge in is mental illness, ive studyed it 15 years,and i’m fascinated by it there so many elements to it. i have many books on it also the internet is good to learn about it. ive went to groups where i could find out more about it.i find its endless as in what there is to know about it, that is what is most intrigding for me.

im also fascinated with anything to do with the solar system and the universe, the theorys, the facts, and the history of, again it’s endless in what there is to learn about it.

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2.Mental illness

I would like to know more about socializing and exercising add on to my Knowledge of football,I don’t want to study about mental illness anymore,it’s a sad subject to people unless your a mental health professional like psychiatrist or psychologist

Makin sweet love bay bay.

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Astronomy, local bird species, Christian and Islamic teachings, and mental illness.

I’ve learned something about wildflowers - names and what they look like. Especially the woodland ones I used to have near my house and where they grow. I feel like I know these personally.


If you read this thread, we want to know what else you are seasoned with besides being Down To Earth and Extra-Specially-Kind. You know that stuff you are also a maverick at!!!

Swimming and Gardening

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Physics, psychology, and philosophy. I love all three of them!

I know a lot about schizophrenia. Having it might have something to do with it.

How to build gaming computers

I’m not sure what I would know MOST about…there are lots of things I have knowledge and experience with, from ultra spiritual stuff and the bible, to material things like how to build a house, garden, and things like that.

So maybe it would be better to say what I know little to nothing about: most sports except for Soccer, and I don’t even follow that, I just played it in high school…
Dancing…I could probably identify a break dance but no other types, and I can hardly dance myself, the few times i did was more like swinging and swaying to a rock band at a bar many many years ago, probably making a fool of myself… and a couple slow dances where I inevitably stepped on the girls toes…LOL.
And anything porn related…I could tell you the names of the 3 popular porn magazines around in the 70s, but have no clue if they are still around or what else has taken their place…I know there are loads of porn on the internet but haven’t a clue what they are and don’t want to know…

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I guess I know most about wine. I used to own a liquor store and I immersed myself in learning all about wine because prior to the store I never drank. Now I’m learning all about nursing.