What sport do you do?


I go to bodybuilding gym


I click on my mouse button.


Archery. Barebow recurve, Olympic recurve, compound, and I coach NASP.


I lift weights too but wouldn’t call myself a body builder. I do some running on a treadmill and now some striding on an elliptical.


calisthenics asdgfhfh


I lift weights for toning etc and I do small gentle jogs


Cricket. Still competitive at 47! Like to walk and starting to jog and cycle again. It’s good to do something physical and sport is a good way of meeting people.


I played a mean full back in soccer in my junior year of high school. I guess now it’s frisbee golf or hacky sack…an old game if you know what hacky sack is…please speak up…I wonder who still plays that game.


i was a skateboarder for about 4 years or so give or take when i was a teenager. nowadays i play chess when im in the mood or i do kung fu/qi gong exercises that i learn off the internet


I read. Does that count? I’ve been the champion for nine years. My last contender couldn’t read a pop up book. :innocent:


Bass guitar. Make your body big and strong.


I walk a lot. Not sure if walking counts. But I take the dog in parks and on trails in the woods and countryside.


Badminton will always be my favorite sports. I usually play it with my cousin.


Boxing, mma, softball, beach volleyball


Recently I just did a walk everyday for about one hour, but I used to dance or jog.


Competitive sleeping.


with whom you compete?:joy:


Myself and my dog. But I’m thinking of joining a club.


I played a lot of hacky sack in HS/college! Haven’t played in at least 10 years, though.


Yoga every damn day! - Yoga Journal