Whats your favourite sport?

my favourite sport is fishing but i never seem to be able to do it but i want to change all of that and do it as much as i can,

i love fishing


I love cycling - must get around to doing it again one day

Take care Kate xxx


I love football. Australian rules football. Go Cats!!!

i love hockey 1515

Volleyball, martial arts, gymnastics, horse riding, swimming. Have tried them all but not practising anymore. Just the passive watcher… nowadays I am actively involved just in general fitness, different classes, jogging, cycling, a little weight lifting. Nothing too difficult or requiring stable commitment…

Hockey! :heart_eyes_cat:

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American football, amateur wrestling, women’s gymnastics.

I like to run far.

I enjoy archery, but my family is really big into basketball.

Cricket FTW!!!

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Swimming and surfing… and fishing…

Anything not on land. I feel better in the water.

Go Lions! :grinning:

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baseball, favorite teams are Yankees and white sox. I love baseball. I guess my paternal grandmother loved baseball but my aunts think she just liked the tight pants on the players.

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The horizontal shuffle. Wow, I’m posting way too much about sex considering I’ve had the longest dry spell of anyone on here. But seriously, I love to go to see baseball games in person. I’ve seen the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s play more than a dozen times. I’ve never seen a football game in person, I would love to go see one, one of these days. I was never exceptional at sports but I played a lot of football and baseball as I was growing up. I guess football might be my favorite sport.

jogging and sprinting. weight lifting as second.

the first was very energizing, the second gives you a feeling of power.

jogging is better though.


i cant do much because of my anxiety side effect thingy in my upper abdomen so i hope i can still go fishing

Fishing is my favorite. My best friends are also fishermen. Great times!

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Tennis is my favorite sport.

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My favorite sport is Ninja Warrior on Esquire Network.

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