Should I suck it up?

This job I got really is pretty shitty. I was hoping for something low stress I could just sit through. But they gave me lots of clerical responsibilities and I just don’t want to stay another day there. It is making me miserable. It isn’t that bad because I can start substitute teaching soon and I can study coding. Teaching and coding are both things I’ve done before and am quite passionate about. I really don’t want to spend another day at this job. You think it is ok to quit?

Any job is difficult at first, but gets easier over time. Maybe staying here for a bit would be a good way to ease back into the workforce, and then you can transition to something better. But you know your mental state best. If you think quitting is the right move, that’s your call to make.

I was told once I learn everything it will be a stressful job. :frowning:

Always a tough one. For me it’s the stress that is the final factor. If it’s too stressful I get paranoid and that makes me make poor decisions. You know yourself the best and what you can handle so I’d suggest you let that guide your decisions. If it increases your symptoms or makes you depressed etc I’d be inclined to try something else. Otherwise as @ninjastar suggests. You lose nothing by staying around a while. It’s not bad to be busy sometimes!

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Yes it is true I am getting paranoid and anxious. I haven’t gotten paranoid in a long time already. It is not just that. The work sounds simple but it is hard for me.

Yeah I can relate. It creeps up on you before you know it. Sounds like you’ve other fall backs so it’s not worth your mental health just hanging in there. All work is hard for me these days but at the cricket club it’s all at my pace…that really helps. Most workplaces aren’t as forthcoming but I understand where you are coming from!

Thanks :slight_smile: I decided tomorrow I will give it another go. I’ve never worked before being sick so I think it is hard to adjust. I will try to get through the week!


Yeah smart policy! If it gets too hard you can bail. If not you’ve learned some skills! Rome wasn’t built in a day! Well done you. Your doing really well and you should be proud about that!


Your budget figures heavily in this. Can you afford to quit? If you don’t need the money, sure, why not quit? You have to decide for yourself if this job is worth the pain.

Well @anon62973308, unlike you, I have worked quite a bit before the illness. My advice is stick to what you like doing. This illness really puts our goals and dreams to the test. The fact that you know what you like and what you dislike is an excellent start. Invest in yourself for now. Coding and teaching sounds like a deadly combo :wink:


You are not in need of paying off debt or basic essentials for survival like rent or food so you have the option to quit this clerical job, This recent employment doesn’t require any skills such as coding C++ or Java and no qualifications such as a diploma or degree is needed. As for substitute teaching, you have to have knowledge of how to handle students, how to teach and interacting with various types of students and as the title says, it’s a “substitute” or “temporary” position and not long-term or secure.

So, the jobs you are passionate about require skill & qualifications you yet possess and your current job will pay you if you stay long enough but doesn’t require a genius to do.

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