What’s your fridge look like?


Mine is almost empty. Water, soy milk and bananas and marmalade


Mines usually quite a mess. Don’t wanna show it’s embarassing


Mine has been worse then this. I share the sentiment.

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Mines clean but empty, I never dhopped last week, need to go in the next couple of days

I have lots of ready meals. I find it hard to cook.

Mines a mess. We haven’t really organized it in like 3 weeks.


Mine is in need of some attention


Snap! french’s mustard.


Mine is clean, but empty. I think I might have some milk, ketchup, and probably some flavored coffee creamer of some sort and maybe a jar of pickles if i’m lucky. I don’t eat much, and I’m poor. I don’t really ever have much of an appetite. I do have a jar of peanut butter in my cupboard, which sounds delicious right now

Mine is empty…

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Mine is empty aswell… Think it might not even be plugged in lol.


Mine are a mess. About to move though so have to clean them up.

Can’t photo mine,but it’s not as full as the pictures here.

sh it I’m out of milk

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Mine is in need of attention. There isn’t much in it but what’s in there needs to be thrown away. It is disgraceful really. Too embarrassed to share.

You people should not share this type of information you’re supposed to be paranoid.

You should not feel bad because is not full. Everybody is doing their best

They can use the series on the product to locate you… Indeed it’s very risky :smile:

The only reason mine is full is because I’m feeding 3. Not just me.