What’s the correct term nowadays

Custodian over janitor???

I really wanna work as a custodian.

My ticket to work program appointment is in 9 1/2 days.

U can suggest the field you wanna work in

I wanna be a custodian/janitor. Whatever they wanna call it I don’t care. Sorry Thurgood Jenkins.

But I feel this would be a relaxed job especially an after hours type thing.

What do u think?


@Zeke helped give me the idea

I believe @77nick77 is a janitor.


I think it’s cool what he does. I wouldn’t mind working with soldiers or what he does.

But I’d rather be the guy who comes in at night when everyone’s gone and clean up the place and not have to socialize with anyone I’m not gonna be picky but I feel the more independent in my job the better.

I’d rather few co workers and no “customers”

But I find cleaning therapeutic. My favorite part at my old job was sweeping and mopping. And it wasn’t just because it was when we got to go home.


Growing up, my schools always had the custodians who came in after school was let out and most of the kids went home and swept and mopped the empty classrooms or came in on weekends to clean.

Yeah, janitorial work ain’t bad, it’s the easiest work I can think of. Certainly the easiest job I’ve ever had and I can work at my own pace and work on my own 90% of the time. On a typical day, I rarely work with any other member of our crew. It’s not physically hard for sure except at age 59, I get a little tired near the end of the day from being on my feet all day.

I think the biggest objection to the job most people would have is cleaning toilets. I think that is the number 1 objection. But to be frank, cleaning toilets is a very small part of the job. To be honest, occasionally some slobs who were born in a barn won’t flush a toilet after they use it (even the women) so we have to flush it. But I figure it’s like being a doctor, you get used to seeing bodily fluids and you get numb to it and you get so it’s no big deal.

But my company buys us good equipment and they got us a toilet brush on a 18 inch handle so the procedure for cleaning toilets is to squirt toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl, let it sit for ten minutes, stand there and scrub it with the brush which takes about ten seconds, then flush. No getting on your hands and knees and no bending.
I only clean restrooms once a week and like I said, cleaning toilets is just one small task that needs to be done.

Anyways, I do a lot of vacuuming and mopping, not the worst jobs in the world.


I may look into it too. It doesn’t sound like a bad gig.

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Try to get into a Mailroom with some company. Mail sortation is easy and you don’t engage with the public.

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I’ll look into it and keep it in mind @Patrick thanks :slight_smile:

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