What regrets do you have?

I regret being non compliant after my first relapse, i would of stood a much better chance of full recovery. I regret not asking this girl out who i think liked me because I didn’t want to be in a relationship at the time. I regret giving up in life at the young age of 23 which led to my relapse. More recent regrets are not studying and letting this illness get the better of me.

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Not getting a degree plus the girl that got away. Although the girl that got away regret is actually now fading finally!


There are things I deeply regret, but when I think about it I realize my life could have turned out worse if I hadn’t done those things. I can see myself absolutely miserable in some walks of life. I would have had more to lose if I had been successful. My crack up would have been worse. Also, it would have enabled me to drink more.


I honestly don’t have any that I can think of. I at least attempted various things and just realized it’s not for me.

What I really am disgusted by is the fact that Congress didn’t and still doesn’t make any effort to censor or erase pornography. That’s one thing I sort of regret - being born in a hyper-sexualized & pornographic era. I wish I didn’t have to fight that battle, but it feels like a downhill one now that I’ve basically seen anything & everything. It has made me extremely artificial in character - my natural self is dead. I also hate the fact that I am circumsized, it just doesn’t feel right. Those two things stripped me of greater possibilities & natures, which is why I probably look so angered all the time.

Being a coward and not telling that girl I liked her. But I never saw a future for me with babies.

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I regret having regrets. Regrets suck. We all have them and they feel terrible. If I could only live life without regrets. Perhaps with meditation


I regret many things, but the guilty feeling has faded. I see now that those experiences were lessons. Hard lessons.

I too have “the one that got away”. That’s probably my biggest regret, but I don’t dwell on it as I once did. Time has healed that wound, but I do think of him often and hope that he’s happy and safe.

“Why oh why didn’t I take the BLUE pill?!?”



I regret that I didn’t call my father twenty days after we argued about some stupid thing. Then he had a heart stroke and died.


I regret my divorce and I regret getting sick with schizophrenia. I was an architect before I got sick and I used to really regret losing my career but I have learned to accept that about myself and just try to be happy with what life I have left.

I regret not marrying that girl.

Most of my regrets deal with my career and not spending more time with my family.

Do you know if it’s common for males in the USA to regret circumcision?

I wasn’t circumcised and was mocked numerous times as a child and an adult because of it. The women I used to work with called uncircumcised penises “disgusting” and “barbaric”. I thought this was a fairly common point of view of women from the USA.

Personally I’m happy that my parents gave me the decision though, despite the backwards view most citizens of the USA have of circumcision (male genital mutilation).

I regret everything.


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The biggest regret I have is finally admitting it out loud to the boy I had a crush on from 1st grade to 7th grade…sure my close friends knew how I felt but as far as I knew they kept my secret for me. I braved the challenge and told him the day I was leaving the school because my family was moving to a new town. He and his friends made fun of me the entire rest of the day.

(Yes I wasn’t a member of his possie, not really popular, and kind of a social outcast…but in my head I had let it out because I didn’t want to be wondering the rest of my life what might have happened if I told him). I also wasn’t anticipating their cruel reaction (kind of was, but not really thinking the guy I liked for so long could be so cruel…if nothing else I would have preferred if he had just ignored me the rest of the day).

I never really told anyone this, I mean what good would it have done? I knew better. In my head I knew better…I had kept it quiet for so long and glad that they mostly ignored me. Then I opened my mouth. Another time not to long ago at my new school I was asked what boys I liked by some girls…then they started picking on me as well…not physically no…it was all verbal. To me the verbal scars hurt worse than physical ones any day. This is why I rarely open up to people, and stay to myself mostly…

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mrs. sith felt to tell her father on the phone :phone:…that she loved him…she didn’t .
sadly he died suddenly of a heart attack the next day…
your father would have known that he was loved by you :heart:
take care :alien:

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Now that I’m over 70 years old I don’t have time for regrets any more.

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I regret not getting treatment the moment I started getting symptoms. Waiting 6 months and almost daily episodes has left me a shell of my former self.


Well this will sound weird…but I wanted to see him before the funeral…I was alone and I asked him to forgive me… It was a bit relieving… And also time heals.

Thanks darksith.