What Phil has to say

I don’t want to hear your internet drama

these people are all fu=cked up and make no sense.



lol…good one

My husband doesn’t want to hear about anything online, either. I don’t get worked up and share anymore.

Remember- arguing online is like playing chess with a pigeon. The other party will sh** all over the board and strut like they won anyway.


My dad thinks I’m wasting my time online.
He thinks I’m spending way too much time on this site.

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Do you think you spend too much time on this site?

Yeah I spend a lot of time on here like lots of other members but I’d be bored out of my skull if I didn’t.


I just asked because my husband has mentioned that I am on this forum a lot. Do you find it helpful to be on it so much?

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Phil says, Well, you could be cleaning

yeah, right

I’ll do the kitchen before he gets home

that’s about it

I don’t about helpful

maybe I should reach out for more advice

I usually just respond to others

it feels ok.

That’s wonderful that you clean the kitchen before Phil gets home! You do really well on this site responding to other people! Do you ever ask for help?

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it just depends

not usually, no.

I like to take everything in stride.


If I had one hour a day free time, I will spend it on this site
when I have all day I do the same.

It doesn’t interfere with day to day bussnis so that’s good.

My mom encourages me to be more social. Because irl I have few friends she is content I have online friends.

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I find this site to be very helpful.
It is my outlet to socialize.
I don’t have a Facebook account so being on here is my way to communicate with others.

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I think that’s great! It’s helpful for me, too!

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@Wave, @FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter, I spend time on this site because it makes me feel less alone in my diagnosis. Plus, I care what’s happening to everyone here.


Yeah this is where I do most of my socializing. I only have a couple friends in real life and I don’t see them that often.

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