What nationality/ethnicity are u?

I’m Native American & Caucasian. Cherokee & Shawnee…Irish some English some German a little tiny bit Italian I think

Caucasian. Jewish (polish russian latvian) Italian Irish Scottish

Mother irish, father english

North Wales, Father welsh, Mother also a Celt from Cornwall-history of druids/merlin/Offah mystical heritage etc

American. I am Caucasian. I’m 25% Sicilian.

3/4 slavic 1/4 germanic. 100% european.

German, Scotch Irish, Native American. I think the Scotch Irish is the dominant strain, the Calvinist Presbyterian.

dragon/sith. :dragon:…i look like darth maul !?!
take care :alien:


Imma US-born euro mutt

The nations gave me the boot a long time ago.

No ethnicity either.

Im going to create new ones soon.

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Dutch/German but born in South Africa

I"m Canadian, eh.


I’m a mixed up american lol I have no clue what all I am… I know some of what I am not all.

German-American, with strong Irish on my mother’s side.

Some say I look native American, but I doubt it.

Citizen of the World. :earth_asia:


One way I heard it put - “The world is my country. To do good is my religion.”

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I’m Caucasian with dutch and french ancestors and 1/8 native american. People say I look greek, but im not sure. Don’t greek people look like other Caucasians with a little darker skin tone?
You decide…

I so want my hair this long again. When my mom died I went crazy and allowed it to get terribly matted to my head, so I had to cut it off in February.

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You look so young. You don’t have a baby face cuz you look like an adult but definitely don’t look 31. That’s a good thing. Sorry about your mother. Sometimes life sux.

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@Turningthepage. Oh bless you. I was 35 in that pic or 34. I was pregnant w my son Samuel who’s now 5. I’m 39 now. Nobody in my dad’s family looks their age. My 72 year old grandmother died without a wrinkle one. Some ppl think my dad is my brother.

That’s really cool