What movies are a must watch for you?


Basically any movie Christopher Nolan directs or Matt Damon stars in. Those are must watches for me.


Leslie Nielsen in the naked gun and airplane are some of my favorites


Any sci fi prior to the year 2000. After that it was just CGI cartoon city.


I think of inception a lot. It’s a good movie. The idea scares me.


Any movie with Gary Oldman in it.


I love old movies… Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart… and Alfred Hitchcock.


The oldest movie I’ve watched is the Godfather. I wish I knew more about older movies. Just never sat down to watch them.


I just looked up Gary Oldman on IMDB. He has 9 movies that he was in coming out within the next couple of years. Did you see the Darkest Hour @Wave? Of course I know him from the Batman movies and I think he was the bad guy in Fifth Element.


7 years in tibet


Did you like Back to the Future @everhopeful? I just googled sci fi movies and that one popped up. Not sure if it is Sci Fi. That movie was classic. My favorite part is when Marty bought a sports almanac that showed all the sport scores in the future.


Yes I love that movie ! It’s most definetely sci fi !


I know you really like that movie @Arlbar. I’ll have to check it out.



Jimmy Stewart in Harvey


No I don’t think I saw the darkest hour @TheBest.
Is this a Batman movie?


It’s about Winston Churchill. I’m not sure what part Gary Oldman plays.

Edit: Oh I guess he plays Winston Churchill. I will have to watch.


No I haven’t seen it yet.
I’m going to see it soon.


@snail I’ve never seen Airplane, but I have seen Naked Gun. I will have to check it out.


@thebest if youre into documentaries I recommend, winter on fire, an original Netflix series which follows the tragic events of Ukraine maiden protests which led to a revolution.

This was before modern urss occupied Crimea


I will have to check it out @Crocodal. I’ve never heard of the Ukraine maiden protests.