What movies are a must watch for you?


I did not either until I saw it on Netflix, it was such a good one, it should sparks the flame of freedom in every person who don’t have it


I have issues with thinking the gov is using mind control. Maybe it wouldn’t be healthy.


I am glad you have such a big insight, if you think you will get triggered better to stay away.

I skipped a lot of good ones because of this.


Any submarine movie like Das Boot

Passion of the Chr***
Peaceful Warrior


Matt Damon was in a really good movie called Syriana


My daughter and I used to watch Shirley Temple movies.


Shirley Temple is a really good drink. I’ve never seen her movies.


The Passion was a very hard movie to watch


What do you mean?


Are you looking forward to the sequel to Split and Unbreakable @ThePoeticSkunk. At the end of the movie when they were those movies were tied together I was pretty surprised.


Shirley Temple is Ginger Ale and Grendine. It’s really good.


Oh yes. The sequel to Split should be a killer watch. I’m also looking forward to the sequel to Titanic.


Was there a video camera watching the old lady throw the necklace into the ocean? Is there a trial? Was it a joke? I’m no good with those.


Yes @TheBest I’m just pulling your leg. If I have to sit through another three hour movie I’d be very very irritated.


So those movies you listed are the least ones you’d want to watch? Edit don’t pay attention to me I’m just an idiot.


Nah. You’re not an idiot. I’ve enjoyed this thread.


Thanks @ThePoeticSkunk. I wish I was better at humor. It takes a smart person to crack a joke.


an american tale

the brave little toaster

air bud



I think I’ve seen brave little toaster 20 times with my son when he was young


I’m feeling a need to re-watch Das Boot. Incredible film.