What medical science can say about this video!

Heard about this last year. Defies logic! But what this video doesn’t go into they found he does drink some water when he bathes. That’s the last I heard about it till you posted. Wasn’t a lot though as he washes his mouth out with water for his teeth. They think that’s how he still has some water but unknown on the food. Does go to show the power of meditation by someone who knows what they are doing. Which would be years and years of practicing and studying the art.


“Dr. Michael Van Rooyen, director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, dismissed the observation results as “impossible”, observing that the bodies of profoundly malnourished people quickly consume their own body’s resources, resulting in liver failure, tachycardia and heart strain. A spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association remarked that the human body could survive on water alone, although not healthily, and that a person could not expect to meet their body’s vitamin and mineral requirements without ingesting food.[5] Nutrition researcher Peter Clifton also disagreed with study results, accusing the research team of “cheating” by allowing Jani to gargle and bathe, and stating that a human of average weight would die after “15 to 20 days” without water.[6] People who avoid food and water to emulate mystical figures often die.[6] Sanal Edamaruku characterized the experiment as a farce for allowing Jani to move out of the CCTV cameras’ field of view, claiming that video footage showed Jani was allowed to receive devotees and to leave the sealed test room for sunbathing. Edamaruku also said that the gargling and bathing activities were insufficiently monitored. Edamaruku was denied access to the site where the tests were conducted in both 2003 and 2010,[3] and accuses Jani of having “influential protectors” responsible for denying him permission to inspect the project during its operation, despite having been invited to join the test during a live television broadcast.[3] The Indian Rationalist Association observed that individuals making similar claims in the past have been exposed as frauds.[2]”


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The laws of physics and common sense can tell you the guy is a fraud.