What makes people unique?

Unique people don’t give a sh!t that they are unique.


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There is a writer named “Thomas Hardy” who believed that luck played a large role in how we turn out. He wrote this short story about a janitor in an English church who didn’t know how to read. He worked there many years, but when they found out he couldn’t read they fired him. On the way home he noticed this tobacco shop. It looked pretty lucrative, and he had some money saved up, so he bought a tobacco shop. That one made him quite a bit of money, so he bought another one, and then another one. He became a very wealthy man who owned a lot of tobacco shops. One day he was negotiating a deal with this guy, and it came out in the conversation that the janitor couldn’t read. The guy doing the deal said, “Wow, you have all that money, and you can’t read. Think where you would be if you could read.” The tobacco shop owner responded, “Well, I can answer that. I would be a janitor in a church.”

No 2 shits are the same. Very unique, each one :relieved:

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