What makes people unique?

I always wonder this.

I think it is a major question that needs answering to solve the problem if jealousy.

Because jealousy is a fear of being replaced

But how can one be replaced if one is not the same as another.

Sometimes I think it has something to do with, involving the passage of time and sequence of events and experiences and such of a person. Because I’m pretty sure that THAT is something unique for everybody. Since it is not like one can be in the shoes of another.

And what about genetically identical twins.

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Genetics. Our genetic make-up is one component that makes us different from everyone else. Our DNA comes from our parents, which in turn gives us DNA from our recent as well as ancient ancestors. Other people will receive DNA from their parents, thus making them different from you

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And what about people’s ‘unique’ DNA generally. Oh yea, the sequence of most people’s DNA is unique.

I Wonder if every human can be ‘rearranged’ to become identical by epigenetics.

I’m just don’t want to be the same as anyone.

Aside from survival, and such, this is something that also is important to me.

Being replaced is really scary.

But I like to believe, ultimately, that it is impossible. Because, I like to believe that we are all unique. :smiley:

Well, jealousy in a broader sense is the same as envy. So not necessarily a fear of being replaced, but rather a longing to have what another person has.

E.g. you look up to a famous actor, wish you were him. But you don’t actually want to be him in all respects. You want to be yourself, but to enjoy a similar level of success and fame.

Even if you become a copycat, you will still have your own willpower, thoughts, drive and motives that are unique and yours only.

Genetics is another aspect. But as you correctly point out, even identical twins and in the future maybe clones will have different paths in life, events and encounters will shape their personalities in different ways.

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Mostly their mistakes!

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I don’t think you can be replaced, if you’re meant for each other. But love can be fragile, and careless mistakes may affect it. They say children get their intelligence from their mother because intelligence genes are only activated, if they are maternal. But who you really are, supposedly comes from the father, for the same reason.

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don’t worry…your unique in my opinion


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This is interesting. How did you discover that information about maternal intelligence genes being switched on.

It’s almost impossible to believe

Seems strange

Interesting again. I wonder how that may be…?

And what do you mean by supposedly?

Nothing will ever replace me. I agree. Our DNA is custom made. Our brains are unique in how we process things. Our looks are unique, even though im the spitting image of my brother…our talents are unique. Our morals, our souls. Everything that makes us up is unique.


Thanks for sharing that, Pasteyface

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Yep. No problem

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Online. I had always heard that people get their intelligence from mothers. I don’t know who had information about only maternal intelligence genes are activated.

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The same article, I believe, said only paternal genes are activated, I guess that pertain to personality. It was a while ago. I don’t remember all of it.

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Thanks for sharing though. It was something I’ve never heard before and I was surprised to actually see scientific articles on when I looked.

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Our interaction between our genes and our environment, and our character, which I don’t have.

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Their elbows. No two elbows are the same.



Sorry you feel like that Crimby.

Is it true that no two fingerprints are the same?

Even identical twins

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