Are we easily replaced?

In the grand gears of society are we easily replaceable as people?

I misplaced my human.

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humans have been replaceable for centuries. think about all the people building the pyramids in the aztec era

Yes we might all be unique in one small way or another but all replaceable. If were lucky a few million years from now a race of creatures might dig up some human bones and put us on display. And the masses will gather cringing at the thought of coming face to face with this evolutionary oddity.

Rabbit, the people I love are irreplaceable. If you’re asking if someone else can be found to do a specific job, well, sure. But you are not replaceable, Rabbit.


Unfortunately, I think we are replaceable. We’re just lucky to have avoided being put in a concentration camp or put to death by some unknown force or forces.

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U r a life saver. Thank u! Its been on my mind all the time lately (dealing with depression) and it helps to feel like Im unique to the universe.

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Unfortunately yes. No matter how great the system is not dependent on any individual person. The greater body of humanity will live on regardless of what happens to its cells.

So long as the pop count doesn’t drop below 2000 there should be enough genetic variance to restore the species.

The iceman can run indefinitely in subzero temperatures. Humans will survive.

Ah I forgot about the sentiments of love.

We’re all unique, noone’s replaceable, even after we die we still linger on the minds of those who stay and remember us, or in the work we leave behind.

If a Bowie is not replaceable why should we be?


I mean, in the end, we are all unique. No human can do something the exact same way another can. Replaceable as objects of labor? Yes. Replaceable as friends and family? Not a chance.

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Or anyone who’s ever been fired