What kinds of jobs have you held?

Most people settle into their job and career straight out of college. But most sz are not like most people! I have had 22 jobs since becoming of legal age to work 20 years ago. Below is a list of both part time and full time work in my employment career:

  • Movie usher (p/t)
  • Pizza maker & delivery (p/t)
  • Storage facility assistant manager (p/t)
  • Basketball referee (p/t)
  • Intramural basketball referee (p/t)
  • Fast food mystery guest (p/t)
  • Intramural sports marketer (p/t)
Graduated college
  • Casino game associate (f/t)
  • Automotive universal specialist agent (f/t)
  • Stock broker (f/t)
  • Entertainment industry auditor (f/t)
  • Sales consultant (f/t)
  • Conversational English teacher (p/t)
  • After school teacher (p/t)
  • Human resource aide (f/t)
  • Marketing rep (p/t)
  • Data analyst (f/t)
  • Data analyst #2 (f/t)
  • Data analyst #3 (f/t)
  • Hotel mystery guest (p/t)
  • Field sales rep (f/t)
  • Inside sales (f/t)

Whew! My favorite job was as a mystery guest for a fast food chain. My waistline didn't much appreciate it but my taste buds sure did! My least favorite was inside sales for a professional sports team. I lasted a whole two days before I began to have positive symptoms (delusions) and rendering me unable to continue.

What type of jobs have you had?

Mostly welding and construction jobs. My first job was stocking shelves at a supermarket. I miss that one because it was simple enough for me to do. My last job was a CNA at a hospital, which took a lot of life out of me. I’m on disability now because of mental and physical problems.

several restaurants: dishwasher or prep cook or cook or busboy or pot washer
Several department stores: stock person, unloading trucks, janitor, gas station (J.C. Penny had a gas station back in the seventies!)
Another gas station
Delivery job, driving
Steam carpet cleaner
Silk Screener
Tobacco company: Shipping & Receiving Clerk, production line
Security guard
All those were before I got sick. AFTER I got sick:
Hot Tub Technician.
A couple more restaurants
Warehouse worker
A couple more department stores
Park Ranger

That’s all I can remember right off-hand. In those jobs I often got switched around to different positions in the same company.
My longest job was 4 years.
I’ve been at my janitor job for about 3 1/2 years now.

Almost every job was part-time. It’s funny. I had the first batch of jobs before I got sick, from 17 to 19 and I never lasted more than three months at any of them.
AFTER I got sick I had a couple jobs for four years. A couple more for three years, and an another for two years.The rest were mostly 7 or 8 months.

Before my onset, I was a dishwasher, grocery stocker, and fry cook, and in the USAF. My onset happened in the USAF, then I was kicked out of the Air Force. I became homeless for about a year. Then I moved back home and became a delivery guy for a furniture store, then a grocery stocker, then a welder, then a member of a survey crew, then worked in a yacht factory, then became a dishwasher again, then a grill cook, then a prison gaurd, then a grill cook agian, then a long haul truck driver, then a local truck driver, then an electricians helper, then I worked in a warehouse for lowes, then a grill cook again, then a firefighter for a small town, then a gas truck driver. Then I finally went for my Veterans compensation and pension exam, and now I am 100% service connected disability.

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I worked like 40 different jobs before going on disability. Deliver pizzas, fast food, mover, and various others for only a short time.

Before graduating college, I was a pharmacy technician at Walgreens for 5 years. Then, after graduating, I was a psych nurse manager for 5 years, before becoming disabled. I loved both jobs. But they were both very challenging due to the high amount of social interaction. I’d like to return to something a little less social as I recover.



wow everyone has done so much. I was almost hired as a lifeguard at 17 before my onset.

Paid positions:
I’ve been a janitor
A groundskeeper
Now parks maintenance and landscaping.

Bagger at a food bank
shelved books at a library
helped maintain bicycles at an outpatient center

Welcome to the forum @riddled

I’ve only had one job, I worked in the back at a furniture store. We unloaded the truck at 5am on fridays and assembled furniture and then put them in the store before it opened. Lotta opening boxes of china and glassware crap. Very hard work, working against the clock, heavy lifting, and paid minimum wage. I quit when I entered college. Not worth the money, I was spending half of my earnings on extra food and energy drinks so I had the energy to work so hard.

It did make me decide to take school seriously, there’s no way I’m not gonna work like that again in my life! No thank you, I will stay in school and work with my mind, not my body!

Full time positions are as follows.

Technology Coordinator (2002)(first job)
Director of Web Development (2004)
Quality Assurance Test Analyst (2006)
Mathematics Instructor (2012)

Two years director of a social service agency and twice five months working as home health aide. lots of school, not alot of work for me.

Before the onset I delivered papers, and worked for my step-father’s lawn and garden business. I mainly mowed lawns, and raked leaves. After the onset I worked as a security guard for 2 months, a library volunteer and employee for 11 years where I did everything from keeping the shelves up, working on the Reading Program for 3 years which I was not suited to do, and doing some research. I also did a variety of jobs as a VISTA volunteer. I now sit on my ass and try to figure out a way to pass online job personality tests that many employers have today to no real success. I face the dilemma of knowing that if I answer them truthfully I won’t get hired because of the personality I have developed largely due to the illness. I also have transportation problems which is the kiss of death in this part of Tennessee. At least if I don’t get a job I have the social safety net to fall back on but it gets awfully boring doing practically nothing. I am taking a class at school but it will be my last one and the associate’s degree I’m shooting for doesn’t have much job potential. I just did it because I’m good at the subject matter involved. I may try to get a bachelor’s degree but my religious beliefs make that unlikely to work out as most of the local schools are church based, and having my own apartment at last means I’m always low on money. It’s not an easy situation.

Pre college : dishwasher, car detail shop (washing cars), Oil field jobs - lay down and pick up crew (taking pipe in and out of the derrick), oil field construction worker.

College : fry cook, pantry chef, assistant chef, grill cook. ditch digger (laying fiber optic cable )

Post college : interior design, home design (7 years…that’s what I was doing when I got sick).

Post illness…tried several times to go back to my field…now I am an artist and musician…thinking of attending art shows to sell my paintings…

I worked in a video shop
Then a prison warden
Then I installed aluminium awnings and erected steel carports
Then I was a security manager for 10years
Then I became an inventor and did nothing for a year
Then I went back to security management until I went off on disability

i was the major of newyork…
that was before i became president of cuba

not a lot really.

assistant manager of a public house
bar maid
fairway cutter on a golf course
colour technician at a hairdressers
receptionist at a realtors
timeshare receptionist and opc

none really paid well and i was never that well so didn’t last long at most of them tbh. now on disability and hoping to write a book. if i ever get around to it! many ideas, zero discipline atm.

Wow, everyone here did so much. I did hardly anything. after high school I had my first major breakdown and for three years did absolute nothing, then for five years pursued the life of a nun, eventually entered convent in 2010 and lasted only four months, then became Muslim, then studied and did a casual job as shop assistant in fabric store. I think that was my only proper job ever, then got married and did nothing again till now when I occasionally go volunteer at the library shelving books and busy writing books of my own. Want to be a writer but the motivation levels are terrible. Dunno, probably the sz…

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all from a good old private school education ( with sz )
take care

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When I was fourteen/fifteen I worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken, where I received minimum wage. From sixteen through twenty, I stayed in bed with depression. Then I worked at bakeries as a cake decorator. After that, I worked as a waitress. When I was in SoCal, I worked as a TV/movie extra, and as a waitress, and as a cake decorator. When I moved back home I worked as a waitress, then as a production assistant and an actress in industrial videos.

Non-paying work–guest panelist when The View did its View Across America tour. I was a semi-finalist for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. I was also twice featured on 6ABC’s Philly After Midnight. I also had my own local cable show that I wrote, produced, and hosted and acted in. I even interviewed Bishop John Shelby Spong, the infamous Episcopalian bishop, about his radical ideas about Christianity and the world. He was very nice. Then I volunteered with the Missionaries of Charity, which is a Catholic religious order. While there I served and cleaned up at soup kitchen, drove the nuns around, taught religion to middle school aged children, and helped with afterschool tutoring. I did that for four years, but the experience was disillusioning to me, because the nuns were not so nice to the poor people, and some of them were not so nice to me. You’d think they wouldn’t want to offend the help, but they did. Then, for about four years I worked on my parents house. I repainted most of the interior, worked on the gardens/landscaping, installed a tile floor, and did little things like replacing door knobs, and fixing a hole in the wall.


I like most people have had a lot of jobs.
In high school I was a pharmacy tech
In College I was a Assistant to the professor
After college the first time
accounts receivable
accounts payable
car biller
sales clerk for grocery store
body shop manager
phone rep
went back to college
case manager
went back to college