What kinds of jobs have you held?

I volunteered at an animal hospital for a year then worked there for another two. Then found a job as a receptionist for a party events planning place, that was terrible, worked at noahs bagels after that, then safe way, subway, 7-11, janitor, a military surplus warehouse that also made ribbon and medal racks, and then groundskeeper/maintenance assistant

Thank you BarbieBF. It is a pleasure to be here

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What’s a mystery guest?

A mystery guest is a job where you visit the company’s site and you analyze customer interaction and customer service. For the fast food chain, I would go to different restaurants and rate their speed of service, customer service, and how the food tasted all the time remaining anonymous. I guess it is kind of like a spy for the company.

I like that…

I’ve had more jobs than I should have had but I don’t work now. Here’s the jobs I had in the past:

golf course maintenance crew, cashier, kitchen work, soldier in US Army, bouncer, salesman, sales associate, construction worker, truck driver, security officer, print shop assistant, news editor, marketing assistant, photographer, furniture delivery, office clerk, cleaning crew, marketing consultant, shipping/receiving clerk, event planner and freelance artist.

@ou812 long time no see. Welcome back how have you been. Glad to see you here again.

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Thanks. I’m doing pretty good. I’m in a new program at the VA designed to give me a better support network and it seems to be working.

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Since I left high school at 18, I worked as a waiter for 3 months. I was ■■■■ at the job, dropped the trays a few times, eventually chucked the job in. Then I got a totally stress free, easy job as a security guard. It was a great job, a job I look back at with pleasure. Very little was demanded of me, and I was able to earn good money as a 60 hour week is a piece of cake as a security guard.

I haven’t worked since I was 21. Im 37 now.

Prison guard sounds like a tough job, I say it was hard, having to deal with some of the tough folk you meet there.

Myself Id like to have worked as a truck driver. Firefighter would be way too hard.

Your post stood out as interesting. Id be interested in any book you write, if youre writing a schizophrenic autobiography. Its interests me that you were in a convent and then converted to the muslim faith. A lot of people would be interested in that. Go for it.

Btw, if youre looking for a publisher who publishes mental illness books, there are many out there. All you have to do is go on to Amazon’s website and search for schizophrenia autobiographies, then check who the publishers are. Trust me, these guys print all sorts, ranging from barely readable to interesting. I know this because Ive read about ten or so sz books. Its easy to get published if you follow that path as these publishers specialise in metal health books. But, be aware you do it for pride alone as you get paid nothing.

post your art on here!

I’ve thought about it but trying to stay so ewhat anonymous on here. :slight_smile:

I only had one job before i got sick and that was a cashier then 3rd shift stocker at a big name department store. But i got fired when my symptoms became too hard to hide anymore.