What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?

New here first topic, been viewing awhile finally joined. What kind of cigarettes do you smoke? How much do they cost you in your area? I myself live in Indiana and roll my own spend about 40 bucks a month smoking at least 2 packs a day.


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I live in Australia and cigarettes are really heavily taxed here.

I roll my own and smoke champion rich red. It costs $68 for a 50gram pouch which lasts a week.

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Thanks and wow thats pricey, do you use pipe tobacco? Tubes or nonfilter? An 8 oz bag is 10 dollars here and 200 tubes for 2 bucks last about a week chainsmoking

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We use papers and filters.

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I smoke maverick red shorts. Marlboro 27s are my favorite but cigarettes went up in cost here in california. The 27s are like $8 bucks a pack. The mavericks cost like $7.

Sometimes I wonder why I even smoke cigarettes.

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I used to roll my own. I had a Top–Matic rolling machine. Favorite type of tobacco was halfzsware. Quit when the price was raised pretty dramatically due to California taxes. Nowadays I just smoke cheap cigars. 2, 3, or 4 for 99 cents. Every once in a while I splurge and buy cigarettes, but not very often. Too expensive now.

I vape. I quit smoking.

I used to smoke 50g golden Virginia every 4 days. 50g cost £20 here in uk. It’s very expensive.

I thought vaping was gonna be hard but it’s okay actually.


I also roll my own here in Finland. My brand is Blue Pal Mal, which costs 6,10 € a pack. The rolling papers costs 1,50 per unit and a filter bag is 55 Euro-cents (100 filters in it). The rolling machine is around 2 Euros.

By the way, I let my relaltives buying rolling papers from Estonia as in Finland 1 Rizzla costs 1,50€. In Estonia one Rizzla is about 15 Cents/unit.

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Yep thats what i use top o maticn, i buy kentucky select red tobacco as close to a marlboro red i can get which are 7 something here

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I tried to switch to vaping but didnt much like it and was costing more


I used to get coupons from Camel for cheap or free Vape disposable e-cigarettes, but i used em up too fast and I like real cigarettes and cigars better.

I roll my own. I smoke Old Holborn blue. it costs 7,5€ and rolling papers rizzla which costs 0,50€.

I smoke Marlboro Reds, and turkish royals by camel


I used to smoke King’s Crush, now I vape. I use the flavour ‘American Red’.

I’ve been cutting back on my smoking by vaping more. Not as satisfying but tastes better and it’s nice not smelling like an ashtray.

The darts I buy are Canadian Classics which are the cheaper smokes at 12$ for a 20 pack. Sometimes when I’m fancy I get vogue superslims which are more like 15$ for 20. Do you have them where you are? They’re really skinny and long and come in a tiny little box. Here’s one compared to a regular sized smokes


I smoked parliament lights but now I use an ecig that I’m gunna quit soon


Back when I used to smoke (I quit) I smoked pyramids then I switched to Marlboro lights…

i am smoking lucky strike red it costs 4 euro a pack.

I smoke Silver Cloud. It’s a Native American brand that we buy at the casino, state tax free so we only pay $4.50 per pack. I’m in California.

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