What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?

Around here we have Virginia slims which are lije that also misty 120s

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I haven’t smoked since around 2006. I smoked and inhaled too from about 1975 to 1983. And then, I smoked menthol. Always Salem cigarettes. Even when I didn’t inhale, from 1983 to 2006, I smoked Salem cigarettes. I’m glad I don’t smoke anymore.

i dont smoke, never have. sorry! remember, smoking is bad for you kids.

schizophrenics seem to be smoking like obama!


mine is thumb. It’s free and it’s always available.

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I vape. It’s good. I do it constantly though.

I haven’t seen any candy cigarettes in 30 years. They tasted good and were shaped like real cigarettes. Maybe someone thought they sent the wrong message to kids and they took them off the market.

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Smoking only causes cancer in the state of California though


In estonia cigarettes cost 3.5 euros per pack. I spent 90 euros a month. I smoked a pack a day. But i quit.

Now i smoke ECIGARETTE…yahooo…i love it. 10ml of vaping oil costs 5euros. I smoke one bottle in two days.

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In 2007 I used to buy a carton of marlboros for $27 in Kentucky and Missouri.

Now that same carton in Illinois will run you almost $80.

I smoke john players standard or just players… And always king size but find cigs don’t do much for me. Cigars or should I say cigarillos like colts can turn around any bad day.

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