What kind of accent do you guys have?

Just curious to know


I’m an Okie but I don’t think I speak with an accent except for saying ain’t and y’all…haha

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Lol same, thick southern drawl lol, I find accents kind of interesting

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I dont think I have an accent …

Midwest 7899754

Everyone has an accent in some form or another, be it from European accents that can vary not just country to country, but even in the case of region to region.

Something we see in the USA as well, be it the southern, northern, New York, New England, etc.

For myself, Californian.

“Dude, I’m like hella stoked about that new flick, let’s go ride some sweet gnar gnar down by the beach”


My first language was German but I forgot it unfortunately.

I now speak Swedish and English.

I live in Australia.

I have been complimented for my accent.

I have been told I have a beautiful accent by a stranger.
He was a Australian man in South Australia when I lived there.

I don’t know what kind of accent I have.
My mum has a British accent.

Not sure if I have a ozi accent.

Some say I do some say I don’t.

I grew up and live in Virginia. The farther north I go, the more southern people say I sound, and the farther south I go, the more northern people say I sound. The people here say I have a stereotypical broadcaster’s voice. :woman_shrugging:


I have an Australian accent, ‘cultivated’ subtype. But I can put on a convincing bogan accent If I need to.

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Everytime I hear a Cali accent I automatically think of this;

Half american half british.

…north american accent? Canadian/u.s. whatever.

Australian Queensland. We supposedly talk slower than those down south so it would take someone overseas to tell that.

Canadian eh 8970987098


Appalachian for me

Like Californian like woah dude


I don’t have an accent. No idea what you’re talking about.


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Schizophrenian, obviously.


Aussie accent here with some British background due to TV shows I watched when I was little.

South African I guess! :laughing:

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