What jewelry do you wear and what significance does it have to you?

I wear my wedding band and engagement ring,

Obvious reasons.

I also wear two rings on my right hand,

Both to remind me of my son.

One has his name on a band and the other is a turquoise ring that I bought when I was pregnant.

I also have a locket with his picture in it, but I don’t wear that everyday,

Only special occasions.

What do you wear and what does it mean to you?


I wear an aromatherapy necklace. My hands are too big for wedding and engagement rings. :frowning:

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I used to wear an aromatherapy necklace too!

I ran out of essential oils and stopped wearing it, but I liked it while it lasted.

What do you mean your hands are too big?

They make rings in all sizes!

I’ve a pair of white gold set 1ct diamonds that were made from my great grandmothers wedding ring. My mother got the big diamond as a necklace.

An Onyx ring that was my grandfathers, that was his dads.

And a hollow glass ring With a screw back compartment for displaying some of my grandmothers ashes.

All very dear to me, that I only wear on occasion.

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I have a silicone wedding band and a silver heart necklace with amethyst my husband gave me.

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I wear a silver chain crucifix but I’m not really that religious.
I’ve always worn one since I was a teen.


That’s amazing that you’ve been wearing that crucifix that long.


I’ve never had a silicone ring, but I imagine they are very comfortable.

Right now I’m wearing a pair of rose gold stud earrings. My mom got them for me, so I suppose that makes em a little special :smile:


I used to wear lots of different rings, earrings, etc…

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No it’s not the same one @anon54386108.
Just saying I’ve always worn crosses around my neck since an early age.

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I wear a cross necklace because my faith is important to me. I almost always wear earrings in my second holes.


It is. Barely feel it.

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Do watches count as Jewelry?

If so, I always wear my Timex gold and silver colored analog watch.

Other than that I’m pretty minimal.

I used to wear a silver necklace, but I was told by a pawnshop once that it was mostly metal. It ended up rusting on me, so I don’t wear it anymore.

I also used to wear a neat necklace I made myself. It was a mixture of turquoise beads and beads that were the colors of the Mexican flag.


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That Mexican flag necklace sounds cool,

And watches definitely count!

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I wear my wedding band. My wife is not happy because it’s my fourth one. She really liked the third one she got me. I bought this one.

I used to have to take it off everyday to prefiight and climb around on my helicopter before I went flying. But now that I no longer do that I don’t lose them anymore. I literally never take it off now.

I have a really nice Omega watch but I rarely wear it. It’s still set to daylight savings time so I haven’t worn it in months.

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I wear a TDAmeritrade, soft plastic, rainbow bracelet constantly. I never take it off. And that’s the only jewelry I ever wear.

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I finally quit replacing the chains but I wore my ankh and tentacle for faith. When we wore wedding bands mine was a sterling silver band with 1/4karat black diamonds, and the matching engagement ring was 3/4karat black diamond on sterling silver. But because of weight gains and losses, I no longer wear any jewelry. And with his job the inmates can’t know he is married, so he can’t wear avring anyway. No big deal.

We got the matching sets on our 10th wedding anniversary, which was 2013.

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I just wear a casio watch now. I guess the significance part is It has a 10 year battery so I think it will outlast me. It’s a race to the finish between me and that watch !

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Oh yeah I like to wear Citizen Ecodrive watches.
They run forever!

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If I feel like wearing jewelry I wear 8 silver rings, some with garnets, all different styles, I just love the feeling of having all those rings on. It’s so girly. And sometimes I wear one of my pairs of leaf earrings, and the significance is my love of leaves. Some times I’ll pair that with one of my leaf pendants to be dressy.