Do you wear any jewelry

I have a ring in my little finger and then one bracelet that I found at one flea market. I like jewelry, nice female perfumes and flowers, I suppose this is a female side of me.


My sis got me a Maori Fish Hook carved out of Abalone and Pearl. I wear that on a chain under my shirt. She also got me a Blue Pearl and Moonstone ring that I can only wear once in a while. I’m around too much machinery to don the bling.

I have a hemp and shell band around my ankle and wrist.

I make a lot of jewelry. I’ve carved so many rings out of shells. I’m making a neckless for my sis for her 18th birthday.


I love jewelry, I always wear a silver necklace and earings - 2 on one lobe. I sometimes wear rings and a bracelet, I also consider my tattoos as jewelry


Only thing I wear are earrings. I used to make bracelets but have no motivation anymore.

22ct gold necklace with pendant.

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i have two rings. one hand made (made out of an american coin) and one Claddagh Rings. both given by best friends


I consider my nose ring as jewerly. Sometimes I wear earrings and necklaces.


my wedding band and sometimes bead necklaces

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I wear two blue diamond rings, and a large diamond cross. I haven’t taken the cross off since my friend gave it to me 3 years ago. I love jewelry!


I’ve had silver rings that I really liked in the past, but I always lost them. Anything else seems in the way.

im that way with earrings i spend lots on nice ones and i lose them

I have also one necklace, but I am not wearing it now, maybe I should.

I wear rings made up of tanzanite.

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Like silver or gold, diamonds, pearls, but sometime can not afford the real thing but wore crystal beaded hoops in my ears lobes today.

I wear a gold cross and silver medals to ward off demons and call forth saints to my protection. It’s a Catholic thing.

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I wear a magnetic bracelet I found from a thrift store.

I had a piercing once but it didn’t last long. I don’t really like wearing jewelry or hats or even watches.

no…I’ll wear perfumes but I don’t have any jewelry…just another little thing I can’t really afford right now. Don’t have anywhere to wear it anyway.