What is your nationality? Do you like it?

Old crimby’s right and also unnecessarily descriptive. ■■■■ I’m being a pot, sorry kettle. But the Crim bystander made that point and it’s a damn good point sharp, holds an edge well. But, but that’s about it. It doesn’t hold much else . Because it’s just a single point. You see to illustrate your opinion you must ok I’m done. Ps everything from but the crim was typed while speaking with an African warlord accent.

I enjoy all cultures. I won’t disclose my culture, but I love it.

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I just swung hard on another site against the Republican’s determination to meddle in Syria. My exact words were: “Assad killed 250,000 people? How many will we kill with our air strikes? How many did we kill in our air strikes on Iraq? How many trillions of dollars do you think it will cost us to install and maintain an ineffectual government in Syria? Let’s just stay out of the situation, and at least we’ll be able to say our hands are clean.” That’s what I love about America. You can say what is on your mind.

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Thank you for sharing the Russian national anthem - loved it. :clap:


Just because it is the pot calling the kettle black doesn’t mean the kettle isn’t black.

He’s hot!!! 1515151515155

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I love ur name.

Btw @crimby we shouldn’t have to be thankful to be able to say what we want, it’s a natural right and freedom. And in all reality there are a lot of things u have to restrict yourself from saying, such as calling ur mom ugly or even saying the word ‘poop’ in a crowd will get u shunned. I think our whole approach to ‘civilized’ living has severely restricted every freedom.

Btw, which one is crazy, u or the world?

Oh we’re both deeply horrified at each other’s state of mind while also still simultaneously maintaining a steady pulse of hope if not at least for the other’s motives, then that there’s some other element or stimulating force causing the maelstrom of ■■■■ that follows alternating wakes. Or ■■■■. Probably me. But if I ever find out as shirtainty, well I’ll breath a little easier to say the least. Which would be nice considering I wasn’t able to fill my abilify script and if there’s anyone to blame it’s that dildo snorkeling titty censor called world.

Esm tho right on appreciate u compli
No, like I said I’m proud to be human and as such there’s nothing more valuable than honesty. So I don’t really give a ■■■■ about how I whatever the ■■■■. Other than as a someone who holds their values at the highest regard while also contributing whatever I can to help anybody I can whether it be through advice I want to offer or lengthy diatribe just trying to get a laugh. Cause I thought I’ve always been that when not looking at a bright rectangle. But regardless of my family and even the world all apparently fabricating evidence of the opposite, I can try to make this, here on this extremely suspect and probably severely vulnerable website I can try to be remembered as good.

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I’m going to take a left turn here and disclose my race and why I hate the way we are viewed.

I am Mexican. Descendant of the mighty Aztec Empire and the stealthy Apache assasins.

That is what I like people to know. What they think of me is “you took er jerbs” “yer on my welfare money” “go back ter yer cuntry”.

This is what I think of them

And even my people are called racists. Ha! All I do is react to how people are treating me so how am I racist? Because I have reactions? Ok, maybe the people who say that should think about how they are treating people before they go on about how we’re racist for being fed up with their ■■■■■■■■.

If you haven’t guessed, I feel apart of a very hated group of people. And people don’t often recognize me because I don’t look like the Mexican they expect. To be honest I don’t blame them because of the way “Mexicans” are represented and illustrated in the media. We all need to have super dark tans, be from California, a rustic face, and we all need the same accent. They never thought they would see a Mexican without those. Well we never thought we’d see a walking talking fruit for president either.


I am sorry.

I had a Mexican classmate in my French class. He was one of the nicest guys!

I heard Americans are racist in general. Everybody says it. My culture is pretty racist too. They change their kids’ school for this reason. It is so sick and sad.

I am my own nationality. Just me and no one else. But I will oust the heathens from my abode.


Americans are just stupid. They don’t want to change the mistakes from the past. They brush it off by saying “well I didn’t do it, why should I fix things?” Meanwhile problems are coming from those things that they don’t want to change. ■■■■■■■ idiots keep the cycle going.

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Give us a break. What country hasn’t committed heinous acts sometime in their history? What country doesn’t have racism somewhere in their history? I’m not excusing racism but it is a common theme in mans history.

We tried to make it up to the native-Americans for our inexcusable treatment of them. So at least we try and hell, here in California, our local government was involved in the formation of Indian casinos which has raked in tax-free millions of dollars for whole tribes. On the whole America has good intentions, but unfortunately some of our leaders are not te best but that doesn’t mean that our citizens are bad people. You can’t condemn our whole country for the acts of our leaders.

Trump is an anomaly. A bizarre blip in our country’s history of leadership. He doesn’t speak for the average Joe, at home trying to raise a family and keep his yard clean. Trump is a freak of nature, a hoax that was thrust on us by rich republicans. When we get in discussions about whether America is good or bad, you have to look at what we have done for the world. In most natural disasters in the world, the U.S. is usually the first country to rush in and donate money, aid in relief, and use our resources to help them. I usually have more to say for these discussions (DISCUSSIONS, not arguments) but if you want to judge us at least look at some of the good things we have contributed to the world.


Just saw you liked NYC , I lived in Manhattan for 14 years


I am so jealous.

If I win the lottery, I will move there.

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Eh, it’s nice to visit and another thing to live there. I’m honestly burnt out from the place, but I will agree that it has its good qualities

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I’m not going to respond to you unless you come at me with a civil tone. This forum is meant to be civil. What you’re doing is arguing- in arguments you don’t discuss what is right, you discuss who is right. And the first thing you did was come at me as if I am doing something wrong. I’m entitled to my point of view because I have lived me life to come to these conclusions. Until you live my life and can understand where I’m coming from, I’m not discussing anything with you. Enjoy your rant.

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Well, maybe I came on too strong. But most of what I said was true. And I was apologizing to the world for having Trump as a president.

But wait a minute, I re-read your post.

Are those statements fair and civil? Your name calling while knowing full well all of the Americans on this site. I admitted our mistakes. Can you see why I became defensive? Your tone is not the best either and you condemn a whole country of individuals for the mistakes our leaders have made.

Go to the part where I said “all Americans”. I bet you won’t find it.

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